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1935 DAR Transcription of the 1852 California Census for Santa Clara County

Although California joined the United States in 1950, it missed the federal census. 1852 was the first census taken in the state. In 1935 as part of the WPA projects, the DAR transcribed the census. The original census was filmed in the 1970s but was already of poor quality and the original sheets were destroyed.

What follows here is a reproduction of the Santa Clara Co portion of the DAR transcription. The films for this transcription for the whole state can be found in our library. In addition, we have purchased a CD from the Southern California Genealogical Society that spent eight years comparing the DAR work and the films of the original census. This is also available in our library as is the film for Santa Clara Co census sheets.

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1852 Census Given Name O
Last Name First Name Age Sex Occupation Birthplace Res DARPage No
Mason O 34 MW Laborer New York New York 130
Gehricke O F 28 MW Merchant Germany England 113
Mills O M 31 MW Farmer Indiana Oregon 156
Austin O N 36 MW
New York Illinois 106
Beard O S 40 FW
Vermont Indiana 151
Ludd O W 23 MW Woodcutter Ohio Wisconsin 121
Cottell Oliver 38 MW Farmer MO Wisconsin 148
Faun Oliver P 14 MW
MO MO 61
Lavos Olivero 5 MW Ranchero CA CA 75
Whitlock Oman 9 MW
Iowa Iowa 91
Guy Onivius 38 MW Farmer France New York 131
Unknown Oppey 31 MW Fonder China China 107
Kilgon Ordeno 4 FW
Iowa Iowa 157
Cunico Orelto 28 MW Miner Sonora Sonora 68
Dotery Orilla 31 FW Cook Conn Illinois 148
Dennis Oritta 25 MW Farmer MO MO 119
Fernandez Oritta 35 FW
Mexico Mexico 118
Borune Orloff 32 MW Coach Maker New York New York 71
Boun Orluff 31 MW Laborer New York New York 59
Unknown Ortalan 40 MI
CA CA 171
Martinez Ortiz 20 MW Shoemaker Mexico Mexico 116
Wilson Osborn 27 MW Farmer Indiana MO 170
Headley Oscar 33 MW Boating Sweden New York 162
Whitlock Oscar 6 MW
Iowa Iowa 91
Emerson Oscar 6 MW
Maine Maine 136
Honore Oscar 2 mo MW
France France 80
Gruelle Oscar 12 MW Farmer Wisconsin Iowa 79
Blaburn Oscar 22 MW Farmer Maine Maine 135
Unknown Oscepeto 4 MI
CA CA 90
Ashley Otis 32 MW Farmer New York Illinois 115
Blaburn Otis 11 MW
Maine Maine 135
Blaburn Otis 53 MW Farmer Maine Maine 135
Kamp Oto 13 MW
KY Indiana 90
Unknown Otting 18 MW Fonder China China 107
Dubois Owen 32 MW Stock Raising New York Pennsylvania 93
Ashley Owen 1 MW Farmer CA CA 115
Mennedez Oyetano 30 MW Laborer Sonora Sonora 101

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