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1935 DAR Transcription of the 1852 California Census for Santa Clara County

Although California joined the United States in 1950, it missed the federal census. 1852 was the first census taken in the state. In 1935 as part of the WPA projects, the DAR transcribed the census. The original census was filmed in the 1970s but was already of poor quality and the original sheets were destroyed.

What follows here is a reproduction of the Santa Clara Co portion of the DAR transcription. The films for this transcription for the whole state can be found in our library. In addition, we have purchased a CD from the Southern California Genealogical Society that spent eight years comparing the DAR work and the films of the original census. This is also available in our library as is the film for Santa Clara Co census sheets.

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1852 Census Given Name U
Last Name First Name Age Sex Occupation Birthplace Res DARPage No
Moreno Uincente 13 MW
CA CA 98
Mesa Ullea 6 mo FW
CA CA 118
Clourite Union 1 FW
CA CA 94
Devinisio Unknown 30 MW Butcher Mexico Mexico 67
Cartwright Unknown
Texas Texas 152
Chafey Unknown 36 MW Weelwright New Jersey New Jersey 94
Coe Unknown 24 MW Teamster VA MO 166
Davis Unknown 25 MW Farmer Indiana Indiana 155
Davis Unknown

Abaristo Unknown 29 MW Saddler Mexico Mexico 104
Deray Unknown 57 MW Farmer France France 163
Cartwright Unknown 6 MW
Texas Texas 152
Doyle Unknown 45 MW Teacher Illinois Ohio 109
Ferrinsno Unknown 35 MW Farmer Mexico Mexico 147
Fox Unknown 24 MW Farmer Ohio Ohio 162
Fuller Unknown 40 MW Farmer New York New York 126
Gardner Unknown 30 MW Wood Chopper England England 166
Garside Unknown 40 MW Farmer England Illinois 158
German Unknown 26 MW Farmer Germany Germany 126
Griffin Unknown 25 MW Laborer KY KY 158
Hard Unknown 25 MB Slave KY MO 167
Davis Unknown

Bradford Unknown 3 FW
New York New York 135
Ague Unknown 19 MW Cook China China 145
Allen Unknown

Arthur Unknown 21 MW Engineer Ohio Ohio 166
Ayatine Unknown 38 MW Steward China China 145
Baron Unknown 25 MW Carpenter France France 127
Bee Unknown 4 MW
CA CA 85
Bernal Unknown 11 FW Ranchero CA CA 104
Bernurd Unknown 23 MW Laborer CA CA 136
Bishop Unknown 23 MW Lawyer New York New York 166
Cartwright Unknown 10 MW Farmer Texas Texas 152
Bradford Unknown 1 MW
New York New York 135
Cartwright Unknown 8 FW
Texas Texas 152
Bradford Unknown 21 FW
New York New York 135
Brown Unknown 35 MW Farmer Conn Wisconsin 95
Brown Unknown 35 MW Farmer New York Texas 54
Burregi Unknown 24 MW Laborer Michigan Michigan 114
Cahill Unknown 22 MW Laborer Ireland Ireland 139
Campbell Unknown 45 FW
KY MO 156
Can Unknown 34 MW Farmer Mass Mass 136
Carrollten Unknown 28 MW Laborer New York New York 68
Hays Unknown 28 MW Farmer Iowa Iowa 155
Boltirean Unknown 30 MW Laborer CA CA 93
Silveria Unknown 6 FI
CA CA 93
Pico Unknown 10 FW
CA CA 80
Hare Unknown 30 MW Laborer France France 112
Pico Unknown 34 FW
CA CA 80
Prisco Unknown 80 MI Farmer CA CA 158
Sagnalle Unknown 32 MW Laborer France France 131
Sandiego Unknown 30 MW Laborer Mexico Mexico 168
Sanheron Unknown 53 MW Mason France France 177
Sanpera Unknown 28 MW
Sonora Sonora 169
Harris Unknown 35 MW Laborer New York New York 83
Sardouce Unknown 34 MW Carpenter France France 145
Pedro Unknown 48 MI Chairmaker CA CA 53
Siviano Unknown 23 MW Laborer Sonora Sonora 109
Story Unknown 32 MW Farmer N Orleans N Orleans 104
Stranger Unknown 25 MW Laborer Illinois Illinois 158
Stranger Unknown 36 MW Laborer MO MO 152
Sybrian Unknown 24 MI Farmer CA CA 159
Thomas Unknown 34 MC Slave KY MO 153
Turner Unknown 27 MW Farmer MO MO 147
VanVoorhies Unknown 24 MW Carpenter New York New York 92
Whitner Unknown 30 MW Laborer Germany Germany 64
Santana Unknown 25 FW Laborer CA CA 64
Latrio Unknown 60 MW
CA CA 171
Willard Unknown 25 MW Farmer New York New York 126
Hays Unknown 32 MW Carpenter Boston Boston 163
Higgins Unknown 23 MW Farmer New York New York 159
Higgins Unknown 24 MW Farmer New York New York 159
Hilano Unknown 35 MI Farmer CA CA 159
Hopkins Unknown 24 MW Butcher New York New York 163
Irishman Unknown
MW Laborer Ireland Ireland 96
Kamp Unknown 3 FW
CA CA 90
Patrick Unknown 36 MW Physician Ireland Ireland 53
Lehay Unknown 40 MW Farmer Ireland MO 159
Lewis Unknown 30 MW Farmer Mass Oregon 95
Louis Unknown 60 MI Chairmaker CA CA 53
McGee Unknown 35 MW Laborer Scotland Scotland 136
McGill Unknown 12 MW
Mexico Mexico 172
Miller Unknown 29 MC Servant MO MO 154
Mitchell Unknown 50 MW Wood Chopper Mass Mass 166
Oching Unknown 25 MW Cook China China 72
Olivera Unknown 15 FW
CA CA 169
Ostrage Unknown 21 MW Laborer France France 131
Johnston Unknown 35 MW Farmer Ohio Ohio 123
Allen Urban 7 MW Farmer Illinois Illinois 126
Perry Uriah 22 MW Farmer Illinois MO 134
Alviso Usabel 20 FW
CA CA 87

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