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1935 DAR Transcription of the 1852 California Census for Santa Clara County

Although California joined the United States in 1950, it missed the federal census. 1852 was the first census taken in the state. In 1935 as part of the WPA projects, the DAR transcribed the census. The original census was filmed in the 1970s but was already of poor quality and the original sheets were destroyed.

What follows here is a reproduction of the Santa Clara Co portion of the DAR transcription. The films for this transcription for the whole state can be found in our library. In addition, we have purchased a CD from the Southern California Genealogical Society that spent eight years comparing the DAR work and the films of the original census. This is also available in our library as is the film for Santa Clara Co census sheets.

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1852 Census Given Name X thru Z
Last Name First Name Age Sex Occupation Birthplace Res DARPage No
Golston Y G 30 MW Farmer Illinois Illinois 70
Shroder Ygnacia 23 FW Laborer Mexico Mexico 111
Paseo Ygnacia 36 FW
Mexico Mexico 53
Pacheco Ygnacia 11 FW
CA CA 53
Mederia Ygnacia 46 FW Ranchero Mexico Mexico 122
Flores Ygnacia 12 FW Farmer CA CA 72
Unknown Ygnacia 22 MW Farmer CA CA 84
Bernal Ygnacia
CA CA 107
Benyesa Ygnacia 9 MW
CA CA 77
Higuera Ygnacia 5 mo FW Ranchero CA CA 141
Eargelard Ygnacio 31 MW Carpenter Chihauhua Chihauhua 93
Bilden Ygnacio 21 MW Music Teacher Sonora Sonora 149
Lotez Ygnacio 21 MW Laborer Mexico Mexico 105
Raimundo Ygnacio 43 MW Farmer CA CA 130
Acanio Ygnacio 34 MW Vaquero Sonora Sonora 62
Larios Ygnacio 20 MW Laborer Mexico Mexico 57
Benyesa Ygnacio 45 MW
CA CA 78
Meros Ygnacio 30 MW Laborer Sonora Sonora 162
Mineno Ygnacio 23 MW Clerk Mexico Mexico 118
Alviso Ygnacio 32 MW
CA CA 61
Alviso Ygnacio 13 MW Farmer CA CA 128
Unknown Ygnacio 9 MI Laborer CA CA 148
Soto Ygnacio 26 MW Ranchero CA CA 141
Unknown Ygnacio 20 MW Laborer Sonora Sonora 120
Valencia Ygnacio 8 MW Ranchero CA CA 103
Valveide Ygnacio 13 MW Waiter L CA L CA 113
Alviso Ygnacio Maria 20 MW
CA CA 60
Cline Ygnacio R 33 MW Woodcutter Mexico Mexico 131
Uruitia Ygnacion 34 MW Merchant Spain Spain 173
Unknown Ygnatio 12 MI Farmer CA CA 110
Valencia Ygreacio 14 MW Ranchero Mexico Mexico 75
Bardes Yguano 55 MW Laborer Sonora Sonora 168
Pacheco Ynes 22 FW Farmer CA CA 112
Narvaez Ynicencia 4 FW Farmer CA CA 144
Alviso Ynocencia 18 FI Ranchero Argentine Argentine 145
Monares Ynocencio 40 MW Billard Table Mexico Mexico 54
Arne Yonghon 18 MChina Waiter China China 62
Yontz Yontz 49 MW Public Adm MD Illinois 172
Dye Ysabel 11 FW
CA CA 65
Cantuva Ysabel 22 FW Ranchero CA CA 76
Corona Ysabel 14 FW
Sonora Sonora 98
Romontes Ysabel 3 FW Farmer CA CA 130
Unknown Ysabel 19 FI
CA CA 80
Gulnack Ysabel 45 FW Blacksmith CA CA 73
Unknown Ysabel 16 FI
CA CA 70
McCune Ysabella 7 FW Carpenter Ohio Ohio 146
Silva Ysabella 2 FW Laborer Sonora Sonora 164
Acosta Ysidaa 22 FW Cook Sonora Sonora 149
Juarez Ysidia 7 FW Farmer CA CA 113
Galindo Ysidio 30 FW Farmer CA CA 113
Salasar Ysidio 18 MW Vaguero CA CA 88
Hernandez Ysido 1 MW
CA CA 175
Guillen Ysidra 4 FW
CA CA 70
Monroy Ysidra 30 FW
Sonora Sonora 175
Cervantes Ysidro 20 MW Clerk Mexico Mexico 99
Diaz Ysidro 33 MW Laborer Chili Chili 57
Garcia Ysidro 40 MW Farmer Sonora Sonora 73
Guellen Ysidro 52 MW Rancher L CA L CA 70
Unknown Ysidro 9 MW Laborer CA CA 144
Unknown Ysizio 25 MI Farmer CA CA 159
Cruz Ysmael 7 MW Laborer CA CA 144
Unknown Yuigo 60 MI Farmer CA CA 158
Unknown Yuocencia 55 FI Widow CA CA 169
Mooreland Z 50 Mw Farmer KY Oregon 156
Benyesa Zacarias 55 FW Widow CA CA 78
Jones Zachairah 41 MW Lumberman MO MO 120
Suvant Zebulan 25 MW Farmer Nova Scotia Novia Scotia 83
Sykes Zenas 24 MW Farmer Mass Michigan 153
Freer Zerilda 28 MW Farmer Ohio MO 175

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