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1935 DAR Transcription of the 1852 California Census for Santa Clara County

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Surname U
Last Name First Name Age Sex Occupation Birthplace Res DARPage No
Uhania Tonias 26 MW Laborer C America Mexico 58
Ullery Charles 21 MW Farmer New York MO 54
Upton John 26 MW Farmer VA Texas 92
Uray Amanada E 14 FW Indiana Indiana 82
Uray James T M A 10 MW Indiana Indiana 82
Uriza Francisco 30 MW Saddler Mexico Mexico 88
Uruitia Ygnacion 34 MW Merchant Spain Spain 173
Usteter Jeremiah 40 MW Laborer TN Iowa 126
Uterea Julio 30 MW Laborer Sonora Sonora 115

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