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Roberta Robinson Scrapbooks


During the 1960s and throughout the 1970s Roberta Robinson was a member of the Santa Clara County Historical & Genealogical Society. She created a 3 x 5 card file to index the Society’s journal, The Santa Clara County Historical & Genealogical Society Quarterly, and in 1972, she started editing and compiling with two other women, a publication called Quicksilver Diggin’s: Records of Santa Clara County, California. At the same time, she was compiling personal scrapbooks containing news clippings, primarily from the San Jose Mercury News and the San Jose Evening News, of historical articles about Santa Clara County and obituaries of pioneer citizens of the Santa Clara Valley. About 1980, she and her husband retired to Goleta and planned to spend much of their time traveling in their motor home. She, therefore, donated her index cards , publications and scrapbooks dealing with Santa Clara County to the Genealogy Society.

The Society’s current research team in 2014 spent time on both better preserving Roberta Robinson’s scrapbooks and converting her card index to an electronically formatted index. Clippings indexed in the scrapbooks date from 1965 through 1979. The pioneer family obituaries are almost all from the 1970s. The Source newspapers are primarily the San Jose Mercury News and the San Jose Evening News but there are also a few clippings from other Santa Clara Valley newspapers of the 1970s including the Santa Clara Valley Journal and the Cupertino Courier.


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