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Scrapbook Index Unknown Surname

To find out how to access the information from the SCCHGS Scrapbooks click here . You can use your browser's "Find" feature to facilitate your search. Some of the files are rather large and may take a while to load.

Surname / Company Name Given Middle Name / Description Volume # Page # Type of Info
  Roberto (no last name) v. 2 50  
  Roberto (no last name) v. 6 2 early settler
  1075 Luther v. 9 1 picture
  1151 Minnesota Ave v. 9 1 picture
  18828 Stevens Creek Blvd v. 9 7 picture
  473 Washington Santa Clara v. 9 4 picture
  6072 Bollinger Rd v. 9 8 picture
  860 Taylor St v. 9 6 picture
  941 Hedding v. 9 3 picture

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