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Amos Williams Funeral Home Books

The funeral home records books donated by Darling & Fischer Mortuary to the Santa Clara County Historical and Genealogical Society (SCCHGS) in 1999 are, in actuality, the record books from several Undertaking Parlors, not simply those of the Amos O. Williams Funeral Chapel. Mr. Williams became a partner in the firm in 1918, and sole owner in 1934.

Note: The Darling & Fisher Mortuary, 471 E. Santa Clara St., is approximately 1 ½  blocks from the final address of this series of changes: 345 E. Santa Clara St. The original Williams Building still stands, and is large enough to have an owner's apartment upstairs. Research in San Jose City - Santa Clara County Business Directories housed in the California Room, Martin Luther King Library, San Jose California, detailed the following changes.

Directory Business Listing Partners Notes
1902 - 1903 Hocking & Chittenden Undertakers 279 N. First Street Albert J. Hocking S. D. Chittenden Hocking states residence address is same as business address. Continued as partners until 1910
1911 - 1912 Hocking - Arnold - Monahan, Inc. 279 N. First Street Albert J. Hocking Edward Arnold Amos O. Williams Continued as partners until 1917
1918 Hocking - Arnold - Williams 279 N. First Street Albert J. Hocking Edward Arnold Amos O. Williams First time Williams with business
1919 (moved 1924) Hocking and Williams 279 N. First Street 345 E. Santa Clara corner 8 th st Albert J. Hocking Amos O. Williams Continued as partners until 1933
1934 - 1978 Amos O. Williams & Co., Inc. 345 E. Santa Clara Street Amos O. Williams Charles B. Williams Charles A. Blewett 1975: Andy L. and Joan R. Andersen listed as president and secretary.
1979 Anderson - Williams Funeral Home 345 E. Santa Clara Street Andy L. Andersen Joan R. Anderson It is “son” in funeral home listing, and “sen” in their individual listings


1919-30s Amos O. Williams also served as County Coroner.
1953 Last time Amos O. Williams listed in City Directory as either an individual, or as a business partner. Wendell Tully, Director. No Partners names after 1953
1975 Andy L. Andersen, President; Joan R. Andersen, Secretary.


1902-03 blacksmith, shop at Alum Rock corner of Jones Ave., residence 95 Adams. Also at the Adams address was Mrs. Phyllis BLEWETT who ran a grocery store downstairs. (see 1934-1978)
1905-06 blacksmith, ship at Alum Rock corner of Webster, residence 68 Webster.
1911-12 (Minnie); blacksmith, shop at Alum Rock at Jones Ave.; residence 4 Jones Ave
1918-1930's Amos O. Williams served as County Coroner, was an officer in several savings and loans, and lived at 169 North Sixth Street, until the late 1940's when he moved to 323 South Fifteenth Street. He disappears from the City Directory's in 1953.

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