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SCCHGS is proud to provide frequent classes, seminars and speakers on both local history and genealogy topics. Our volunteers offer free consulting and low-cost research services and continue to index local genealogical records not available elsewhere. Please explore this site to see all of these great resources and more. Become a member.

Our general meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month. Check below for time, Zoom Meeting particulars, and registration requirements for specific events.

Upcoming Events

Santa Clara City Library—Closures and limited services.
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Used history and genealogy books available for a small donation. More books added monthly. Click 'More' for list and instructions.

No General Meeting in December
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Our DNASIG is a discussion group that meets to share information and learn from each other. If you have done a DNA test with Ancestry, FTDNA, MyHeritage or 23andMe and would like to learn more about what your results might tell you about your family tree, you are welcome to join us. This is not a class but rather a sharing forum. We combine our genealogy with a pinch of DNA to learn more about how to build our own family trees.
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Learn the basics of starting your genealogy research. This class will help you discover what documents you have, what documents you need, and what to do with the information you found. You will learn what is available from vital records, as well as other kinds of records. We will also explain the Family Groups Sheets and Pedigree Charts and show you how to get started in filling them out. We will also give you an introduction into sourcing your information. Taught by Pam Fujii and Dave McCready of the Santa Clara County Historical and Genealogical Society.
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Join one of the SCCHGS genealogy consultants to learn tips, tools, techniques and resources to help further your genealogy research.
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Census records are among the most rich and rewarding family history records available. Depending on which census your ancestor is in, you can learn where he or she lived at a particular place or time, learn his or her place of birth, what he or she did for a living, how many times they were married and other bits of valuable information. Each census is a little different than the previous census. In this class you will learn what information is available on each census record. Using this knowledge you can find census information to advance your search for your ancestors. Taught by Dave McCready.
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Bill Cole speaks on Researching England’s Records: All Ancestors Great and Small How to Discover Genealogical Gems in Underutilized Treasure Troves. A hybrid seminar, in-person in Santa Clara and online with Zoom.
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You have identified who you want to know more about but “where do you look”? This class will help give you a basic tool box of resources online and locally. We will show you how research will be enhanced by learning what is available in our area. We will teach you how to find online databases without having to pay a subscription fees. You will receive hints on how to search online resources to get the best results and what sites may have the documents you are looking to find. This class may give you a kick start for finding those hidden secrets and give you new places to look. Join us as we explore together.
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What is documentation? This class will explain what a “source” is and how to document it. We will also explore the organization of your genealogy materials. View how seasoned genealogists organize their materials. We will also review some of the different genealogy reports to help you analyze your findings. Looking for a Genealogy Program for your computer? You will learn what to look for when choosing a computer program.

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