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    c/o Central Park Library
    2635 Homestead Road
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
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Board of Directors

President Dave McCready
First Vice President Betsy Shafer
Second Vice President Linda Sanders
Recording Secretary Nancy Moffett
Treasurer Bob Cloke
Librarian Jeff Moore


Santa Clara City Library Liaison Mary Boyle
Corresponding Secretary Madeliene Scheiman
Historian Lynn Penoyer
Volunteer Coordinator Sandy Sobie
FGS / CSGA Delegate Lynn Penoyer
Santa Clara Consortium Liaison Trina Gentry
Office Manager Fran Keeler

Library Committee

Committee Chair Jeff Moore
Periodicals Check In Lori Jedda
Periodicals Subscriptions & Exch. Betsy Shafer
Library - Special Projects Mary Hanel
Book Repair Susan McCall
New Arrivals List Roberta Rinde
Bulletin Boards Jeff Moore
Periodical Binding VACANT

Membership Committee

Membership Chair Dave McCready
Membership Assistant VACANT
Database Manager Carl Reisinger
Sunshine Madeliene Scheiman

Program Committee

Program Chair Linda Sanders
Refreshments Betsy Shafer,
Marcia Holstrom,
Madeliene Scheiman
General Meeting Greeter Sandy Sobie
General Meeting Greeter Sharon La Bouff
Beginner’s Seminar Coordinator Pam Fujii
Beginner’s Seminar Instructor Dave McCready

Publicity Committee

Publicity Chair Donna West
Publicity Flyer Marcia Holstrom
Publicity Flyer Mailing Sue Fitzpatrick
Exhibits & Displays VACANT
Facebook Coordinator Diane Main

Research Team

Research Co-Chair Nancy Sutton
Research Co-Chair Janene Crawford

Special Interest Groups

DNA Coordinator Pat Burrow
DNA Pam Fujii
German Coordinator Kathleen Cahill

Publications Committee

Newsletter Editor Lynn Penoyer
Newsletter Website Columnist Ed Keelin
Newsletter Spotlight Columnist VACANT
Newsletter Mailing Coordinator Madeliene Scheiman
Newsletter Mailing Hobart Davis
Newsletter Mailing Cory Cochran
Newsletter Mailing Norma Rodrigues
Newsletter Mailing Virginia Tuft
Newsletter Mailing Diane Benedetti
Connections Editor Patti Ross
Connections Mailing Nancy Moffett
New Publications VACANT
Printing (stationery, badges, etc) Mary Boyle
Publication Requests mailing Trina Gentry


Indexer Coordinator Kathy Hill
Indexer Sterling Kinnell
Indexer Kim Money
Early Settler File Kathy Hill
Family Files Sharon McGill
Pioneer Certificates Marcia Holstrom
Special Projects Lynne Knight
Webmaster Jeff Moore

Library Consultants

   (Schedule is subject to change - check Consultants Calendar)

Head Consultant Mary Boyle
Consultant - Monday 10:30-12:30 Betsy Shafer
Consultant - Tuesday 10:00-12:30 Nancy Moffett
Consultant - Tuesday 1:00-3:00 Donna West
Consultant - Wednesday, monthly Josie Le Roy
Consultant - Thursday 1:00-3:00 Don Brink
Consultant - Friday 1:00-3:00 Fran Keeler
Consultant - Saturday VACANT

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