Class:  “Kickstart, MyHeritage DNA”

Pat Burrow and Teri Mortola
Monday, September 16, 1:00 - 4:00 pm
Santa Clara Central Park Library (map), Redwood Room
September is a great time to get started with finding your DNA cousins. Pat Burrow and Teri Mortola will show you how to review the matches from your recent tests and create more branches on the family tree. They show you how to determine how close a relative your match is and what to do with that information. There will be tips on how to connect with those relatives and stories about what you might find with your own ancestors. Once you have learned how to approach the information provided, you will have an opportunity to do some hands‐on, in your own account, with assistance from knowledgeable volunteers. Your results, your information, and your laptop computer or tablet.

REQUIREMENTS: Must have taken the MyHeritage DNA test and received results. If you plan on attending the hands‐on part of the class (last hour), must bring your laptop or tablet.

Free and open to all, but you must pre-register.

Registration closes September 14

Registration is required