General Meeting: “The Early German Heritage of Silicon Valley”
Online meeting

April Halberstadt
Tuesday, September 15, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Member meeting at 6:30 pm. Speaker at 6:45 pm.
Online meeting via Zoom Meeting
Did you know that according to a recent census, there are more Americans claiming German-American heritage than any other immigrant group? And did you know that in the 1850s, German-Americans were the third largest immigrant group in early San Jose, surpassed only by the Chinese and the Irish? Germania San Jose represents over 30 years of research and writing by Maria Brand who is now 84 and not shy about telling her age or her story. She is a German-American immigrant who lived through World War II. Her education was interrupted because of the war and, as a result, she has only a sixth-grade education. Maria knew that April Halberstadt had book experience and several years ago asked April to help edit her book. April had no idea it would be such an important experience for her personally, both as a local historian and as a person with a German-American heritage. Maria and April hope this book will assist other German-Americans in telling their story, and inspire other Santa Clara Valley immigrant groups to preserve their unique heritage.

Maria and April are both members of the California Pioneers of Santa Clara County. April is the author of several books including historical accounts of Willow Glen and Saratoga and a comprehensive and detailed history of the development of the farm tractor including incredible historic photographs.

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