Pioneer Society

The Santa Clara County Historical and Genealogical Society offers a Certificate of Recognition to be presented to descendants of early settlers of Santa Clara County.

Program Objectives

  • To identify and honor the memory of early settlers of Santa Clara County
  • To acknowledge the authenticity of the lineage of their descendants
  • To enrich the historical records of Santa Clara County available at the Santa Clara Central Library
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Pioneer Society

Following is a list of pioneer society members. We wish to recognize their efforts in successfully submitting their pioneer certificate information.

This list combines the names of the pioneer society members (the descendants) and their early settler ancestors. This list includes information on all certificates awarded through June 12, 2022.

Last Name Given Name Relationship to Pioneer
Aceves Adams Pascuala "Pansy" Pioneer Ancestor
Adams William Francis Pioneer Ancestor
Anderson Carol Joan Crawford Hoyt Descendant
Andrade John Ferreira Century Ancestor
Bell Margaret Jane Pioneer Ancestor
Berris Craig Egan Adams Descendant
Blanch Linda Blanch Descendant
Blanch John E. Blanch Descendant
Blanch Charles Edward Pioneer Ancestor
Blanch Mary Watkins Pioneer Ancestor
Carothers Walter Pioneer Ancestor
Corpstein John Peter Pioneer Ancestor
Critchfield Nancy Christopher Bell Descendant
Critchfield Nancy Christopher Carothers Descendant
Critchfield Nancy Christopher Hansen Descendant
Critchfield Nancy Christopher Bell Descendant
Dalton Leana Cardoza Souza Descendant
Evans Josiah First Family Ancestor
Evans Cavy Ann First Family Ancestor
Farrell Anna Pioneer Ancestor
Ferrari Costantino Century Ancestor
Ferrari Louisa Century Ancestor
Ferrell Rebecca J. Messersmith Descendant
Finnigan Cathy Ann Corpstein Descendant
Foye Holmes Emily Century Ancestor
Frediani Jacolynn Joan Jones Descendant
Frediani Jacolynn Joan Murphy Descendant
Gioia Carol Milazzo Andrade Descendant
Gioia Carol Milazzo Teixeira Descendant
Goldsmith Christine Martin Johnson Descendant
Goldsmith Christine Martin Smith Descendant
Grialou William Anthony Plyler Descendant
Hall Kristina Kuhn Holmes Descendant
Hall Kristina Kuhn Hancock Descendant
Hall Kristina Kuhn Lake Descendant
Hancock Priscilla First Family Ancestor
Hansen Ole Christopher Century Ancestor
Hansen Mary Jessie Century Ancestor
Harrison Laurie Roberts Raney Descendant
Higuera Jose Manuel First Family Ancestor
Holmes Ahira Century Ancestor
Holmes Emily Foye Century Ancestor
Hoyt John E. Century Ancestor
Johnson Elam Century Ancestor
Jones Mary Pioneer Ancestor
Kesterson Denice Farrell Descendant
Kesterson Denice Williams Descendant
Lake Charles First Family Ancestor
Lake Priscilla Hancock First Family Ancestor
Lopes Joseph Domingo Century Ancestor
Lopes Mary Christiana Machado Century Ancestor
Messersmith John Pioneer Ancestor
Mitchell Stanley Leonard Mitchell Descendant
Mitchell John H. Century Ancestor
Morphy Thomas Roach Pioneer Ancestor
Morphy Martha Elizabeth Martin Pioneer Ancestor
Murphy William N. Pioneer Ancestor
Plyler Gabriel Pioneer Ancestor
Raney Felix First Family Ancestor
Redondo Maria Ignacia Antonia Limon First Family Ancestor
Ross Patti Michelle Lopes Descendant
Ross Patti Michelle Morphy Descendant
Smith Iselone Mary Biggs Century Ancestor
Souza John Century Ancestor
Souza Mary Gertrude Century Ancestor
Stokes Sharon Christopher Bell Descendant
Stokes Sharon Christopher Carothers Descendant
Stokes Sharon Christopher Bell Descendant
Stokes Sharon Christopher Hansen Descendant
Swift Theodore Franklin Higuera Descendant
Swift Theodore Franklin Redondo Descendant
Sybalsky Jill Marci Williams Descendant
Sybalsky Jill Marci Williams Descendant
Teixeira Virginia Gouveia Century Ancestor
Topham Richard Eugene Evans Descendant
Townsend Charles Washington Century Ancestor
Watkins Louise Ferrari Ferrari Descendant
Williams Michael Pioneer Ancestor
Williams Luke Markwood Century Ancestor
Williams Mary Pinkney Garren Century Ancestor
Williams Luke Markwood Century Ancestor
Williams Mary Pinkney Garren Century Ancestor
Youngman Bradley P. Townsend Descendant