Historic Homes

The Historic Homes Index contains references from over twenty sources documenting historical homes and properties in Santa Clara County.

The index is alphabetical by street name. Properties without a street name are listed at the end of this index.

Search the index for a street name, without Road or Drive, or for a keyword, such as a surname or property name. (Control-f or Command-f on MAC.)

If you find a reference you are interested in, take note of the Page and Source. The second document on this page, Historic Homes References, will provide information on the source book that contains the reference.

Links to online sources are provided. All books cited (except for the San Jose Historic Resources Inventory) are available in the SCCHGS Collection at the Santa Clara City Library. If you cannot get to the library, our researchers can send you scanned images for a small fee.

Index last updated: 5 Dec 2022