Chinese in San Jose and the Santa Clara Valley
by Lillian Gong-Guy, Gerrye Wong and Chinese Historical and Cultural Project

Indexed by Matthew Yoshimoto

Last Name, First or topic Page # Image type Other information - Dr, Jr, wife of ..., occupation, etc
Acorn Campus Ventures 105 photo
Adams, Tony 112 photo Dr.; UC Berkeley School of Optometry dean
Albertini, Laurie 111 photo
Alfred Electronics 51 photo
Alker, Pauline Lo 70 photo
Allen, Rebecca 122 photo Dr.
Amber Glow Eldercare Center 81 photo
Arthur, Chester 24 sketch US President; signed the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882
Asia American Multi Technology Association 70 photo
Asian American Cancer Support Network 82 photo
Asian Americans for Community Involvement 104 photo
Asian Law Alliance 72 photo
Asian Liver Center 82 photo
Asian Pacific American Leadership Institute 79, 116 photo
Asians Americans for Community Involvement 68 photo
Au, Kasey 82 photo
Au, Will 82 photo
Bakken, May 82 photo AACSN cofounder
Bay Area Chrysanthemum Growers Association 67 photo
Bayside Cannery 35 photo
Beckmann, Mary 109 photo wife of Albert Yu
Berryessa Chinese School 91 photo
Blomquist, Steve 107 photo son-in-law of Kansen Chu
Bok, Ah 12 photo meaning "old uncle"
Breyfogle, Charles W. 19 photo Mayor
Brooks, Sally West 110 photo national board chair
Bui, Kathy 72 photo
Burdick, Judy 124 photo
Bush, George H. W. 105 photo US Pres.
Butt, Fidelia 82 photo AACSN cofounder
Chan, Abbey 82 photo
Chan, Anita 36, 38, 104 photo
Chan, Chi-Foon 126 photo president and chief executive officer of Synopsys
Chan, Dorothy 88 photo
Chan, Edward 28 photo
Chan, Evelyn 54 photo wife of James Chan
Chan, Fanny 31 photo
Chan, Fiona 82 photo
Chan, G. 61 photo
Chan, Gordon 36, 38, 104 photo Son of Theodore S. Chan
Chan, James 31, 40, 54, 64 photo
Chan, Jane 80 photo
Chan, Joyce 84 photo
Chan, Laura 52 photo
Chan, Milton 52 photo
Chan, Rebecca 126 photo wife of Chi-Foon Chan; accomplished classical pianist
Chan, Robert 54 photo Dr.; son of James Chan
Chan, Shee 30 photo wife of Sai Tai Young
Chan, Sheryl 96 photo
Chan, Shu-Park 105 photo Prof.; former dean of engineering at the University of Santa Clara
Chan, Theodore S. 36 photo owner of T. S. Chan Nursery
Chan, Wayland 84 photo
Chan, Wing 31, 40 photo
Chang, Barry 60, 78 photo
Chang, Christopher 76 photo executive director
Chang, Cynthia 77, 116 photo
Chang, Gilbert 91 photo
Chang, James 113 photo Judge
Chang, Michael 70, 78, 79, 115 photo
Chang, Milton 84 photo
Chase, Don 61 photo
Chau, Sandy 69, 78 photo
CHCP Museum Enhancement 75 photo
Chef Chu's of Los Altos 50 photo
Chen, Amy 82 photo
Chen, Chia-Huei 77 photo
Chen, Jean 77 photo
Chen, Maria 69, 76 photo
Chen, Wu-Fu 105 photo
Cheng, Emily 114 photo Hong Kong native and graduate of UC Berkeley, served as mayor of Los Altos Hills
Cheng, Pax 96 photo
Cheng, Yolanda 50 photo proprietor of Chef Chu's of Los Altos
Chew, Charles 35 photo
Chew, Ethel 65 photo
Chew, Francis 35 photo
Chew, Helen 124 photo
Chew, Henry 35 photo
Chew, Larry 42, 48, 119, 124 photo
Chew, Lawrence 42, 119 photo Sr.
Chew, Lee Gum Ching 35 photo
Chew, Leland 48 photo
Chew, Lonnie 35 photo
Chew, Mary Lee 88 photo
Chew, Pon 37 photo
Chew, Taidy 35 photo
Chew, Thomas Foon 35 photo son of Yen Chew
Chew, Wai Ying 37 photo
Chew, Yen 35 photo father of Thomas Foon Chew
Chi Am Circle 66 photo an Asian American women's group
Chi, K. L. 61 photo
Chiang, Frank 77 photo
Chin, Allan 74 photo Ng Shing Gung museum chairperson
Chin, George 92 photo
Chin, Mildred 74 photo Ng Shing Gung museum chairperson
Chinese American Citizens League of Santa Clara County 64, 92 photo
Chinese American Citizens Alliance 72 photo
Chinese American Real Estate Association of Silicon Valley 71 photo
Chinese American Women Business League 76 photo
Chinese American Women's Club 65 photo
Chinese Community Center of the Peninsula 63 photo founded in Palo Alto in 1968
Chinese Historical and Cultural Project 73 photo
Chinese Methodist Episcopal Church 25 photo on Fifth and Jackson Streets
Chinese Performing Artists of America 121 photo
Chinese Seniors Club 97 photo
Chinese Six Companies 24 photo representing the Chinese in America, was a benevolent society that settled disputes between Chinese and fought legal battles against discrimination
Ching Nin Guangdong Cantonese Opera Group 100 photo
Chinn, Eugene 25 photo
Chi-U Teen Club 92 photo
Chodorow, Leah 124 photo
Chou, Isabel 94 photo
Chow, Alvin 127 photo
Chow, Amy 120 photo
Chow, Billy 90 photo principal
Chow, Christopher 55 photo Dr.
Chow, Dorothy 86 photo
Chow, Sam 28 photo
Chow, Stephen 28 photo
Chow, Susanne 49 photo
Choy, Gerimae 45 photo daughter of Lee Yee Choy
Choy, Jerry Lee 45 photo son of Lee Yee Choy
Choy, Lee Yee 45 photo
Choy, Phillip 50 photo architect and historian
Chu, Anna 107 photo daugher of Kansen Chu
Chu, Daisy 107 photo wife of Kansen Chu
Chu, Dean 115 photo Sunnyvale mayor
Chu, Judy 113 photo
Chu, K. T. 61 photo
Chu, Kansen 78, 107 photo
Chu, Lawrence 50 photo proprietor of Chef Chu's of Los Altos
Chu, Mike 50 photo proprietor of Chef Chu's of Los Altos
Chu, Norman 50 photo proprietor of Chef Chu's of Los Altos
Chu, Ruth 50 photo proprietor of Chef Chu's of Los Altos
Chu, Steven 109 photo professor of Stanford University's Applied Physics Department
Chu, Tzu-I Isabel 110 photo American Cancer Society's Chinese Unit founding member
Chu, Walt 107 photo son of Kansen Chu
Chuck, Frank 61, 102 photo
Chung, Yii-Der 70 photo Dr.
Clark, Birge 40 photo architect
Clark, Ray 55 photo
Corporate Asian American Employee Network 84 photo
Cross Cultural Community Service Center 76 photo
Crown Supermarket 46 photo
Cruz, Jennifer Chu 119 photo
Da Jui 25 photo
Dair, William 87 photo president of Hop Sing Tong
Dair, Willis 87 photo
Davies, Louise M. 124 photo
Deukmejian, George 113 photo Gov.
Dick's Supermarket 44 photo
Dimension Performing Arts 69 photo
Ding, Howard 67 photo
Ding, Mae 118 photo
Doi, Janice 72 photo
Don, Jim 47 photo son of Wing Don
Don, Mitzi 47, 118 photo
Don, Wing 47 photo
Dong, Bock 55 photo
Dreyfus, Milton 61 photo
Duck, Bill 29 photo
Duck, Bobo 29 photo
Duck, George 29 photo
Duck, Lil 29 photo
Duck, Mary Baby 29 photo
Duck, Shang Kwan 29 photo
Duck, Young Quong 28, 29, 30 photo
Dupont Gai 17
Eng, Roger 71, 115 photo Dr.
Eng, Wendy 126 photo
Eng, Weylin 112 photo Dr.
Fairmont San Jose 11 photo one of San Jose's finest and largest hotels
Fehley, John 59 photo
First Market Street Chinatown 10 map The first Market Street Chinatown (1866-1870) burned in a mysterious fire
Fischella, Russ 125 photo
Foh, Lau Geen 100 photo
Fond, Wilson 49 photo
Fong, Art 56, 119 photo
Fong, Bernadine Chuck 61, 70, 102, 112 photo
Fong, Carol 98 photo
Fong, Charlen 98 photo CHCP board member and awards chairperson
Fong, Dennis 77, 126 photo
Fong, Helen 96 photo
Fong, Ken 112 photo Dr.; UC Berkeley School of Optometry dean
Fong, Kenneth 107 photo
Fong, Kevin 119 photo Son of Art Fong
Fong, Louise 67 photo
Fong, Matt 75 photo California stare treasurer
Fong, Michael 119 photo Grandson of Art Fong
Fong, Pamela 107, 112 photo
Fong, Paul 39, 68, 70 photo
Fong, Pauline 49 photo
Fong, Ruby 66 photo
Fong, Ruth 96 photo
Fong, Ted 64 photo
Fook, Ah 17
Fook, Ng 10 map
Foon Hay Chinese Seniors Golf Club 80 photo
Foothill Community College 51 photo in Los Altos
Foy, J. N. 61 photo
Fung Lum 51 photo restaurant
Gan, Grace 118 photo
Gate, James Mark 59 photo Westinghouse design verification manager at the Sunny ale plant
Gee, Henry 63, 72 photo
Gee, Tim 63 photo
Gerbetz, John 121 photo
Giant Thrift 48 photo in San Jose was the first large neighborhood pharmacy owned by Chinese Americans
Gibson, Mignon 73 photo San Jose History Park executive director
Gong, Rosemary 97 photo author of Good Luck Life
Gong-Guy, Debbie 125 photo
Gong-Guy, Ernest 54 photo Dr.
Gong-Guy, Lillian 54, 65, 73, 98, 106, 125 photo wife of Ernest Gong-Guy
Gor, Doug 82 photo
Gordon N. Chan Community Services Center 68 photo
Grant School 27 photo
Gray, Paul 112 photo UC Berkeley vice chancellor
Gresham, Eldon 89 photo
Gresham, Joseph 89 photo
Grocers Hall of Fame 44 photo
Gung, Ng Shing 23 photo the most splendid structure in Heinlenville
Gwong Lun Hang 118 photo the Ng store
Hahn, Y. D. 61 photo
Hall, George 89 photo
Hall, Marie 89 photo
Handa, Kevin 82 photo
Harper's Weekly 18 photo
Haslim, Len 57 photo
Heinlen Company 31 photo
Heinlen, John 10, 19, 22 map
Heinlenville 10, 22 map (1887-1931), on Cleveland Avenue, was the longest-lived Chinatown of San Jose, built by John Heinlen
Heron Ranch 12 photo on Hostetter Road in San Jose
Heron, Edith 12, 18 photo a young child knew Ah Bok
Hewlett-Packard Asian Pacific Employees Network 84 photo
History Park 20 sketch in San José
Ho, Bennett 50 photo proprietor of Chef Chu's of Los Altos
Ho, David 52 photo
Ho, Maggie 50 photo proprietor of Chef Chu's of Los Altos
Ho, Maria 52 photo
Ho, Millie 65, 66 photo
Ho, Timothy 95 photo Eagle Scout
Hom, Gloria 43 photo
Hong Chan Nursery 38 photo
Hop Sing Tong 61 photo venerable fraternal organization
Hsia, Evelyn 82 photo
Hsiao, Kammy 90 photo vice principal
Hsieh, Paul 95 photo Scoutmaster
Hsu, Larry 95 photo Scoutmaster
Huang, Sheng 95 photo
Hue, Joanne 72 photo
Huynh, Brittany 95 photo
Im, Hoon 82 photo
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 56 photo
J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board 105 photo
James, Ron 118 photo San Jose mayor
Jeung, Pat 65 photo
Jew, Albert 51 photo son of Ngum You Jew
Jew, Barbara 88 photo
Jew, Doris 42, 88 photo
Jew, Hgum You 51 photo laundry owner
Jew, Joseph 63 photo
Jew, Ngum You 42 photo
Jew, Rose Teng 42 photo
Jom, Ng Kay 118 photo
Joy Luck Place 52 photo opened in 1998 on Wolfe Road in the Cupertino Village Shopping Center.
Jue, Walt 126 photo
Kai, Choy Ting 32 photo General; top aide to China's commander-in-chief, Chiang Kai-Shek
Kai-Shek, Chiang 32 photo commander-in-chief
Kan Johnny 89 photo
Kan, Helen 89 photo
Kao, Aileen 115 photo Saratoga Mayor
Kao, Muriel 66 photo
Kearny, Clay 17
Kee, Bill 48 photo general manager of the National Dollar Store
Kee, Helen 86 photo
Kee, Jimmy 40 photo
Kee, Johnny 29 photo
Kee, Leung 40 photo
Kee, Lou Sing 29, 101 photo Sgt
Kee, Willie 29 photo
Kimm, Gregory Ng 106 photo Rev.; first Chinese American pastor of a Catholic church in the Diocese of San Jose and the Santa Chars County.
Knox, Jessie Juliet 26 photo San Jose author
Komaki, May 49 photo
Konda, Richard 72 photo
Kong, Ronald 70 photo
Koo, Jim 70 photo
Kruse, Fred 51 photo
Kubo, Larry 72 photo
Kung, Hsing 78, 116 photo
Kung, Stanley 52 photo
Kvenvold, Kathleen 97 photo president of the History San Jose Volunteer Council
Kwock, Anita 98, 106 photo
Kwock, Yucaipa 96, 123, 127 photo
Kwok, Patrick 115 photo Cupertino mayor
Kwong, Alice 88 photo
Kwong, Carl 43 photo
Kwong, Dick 43 photo
Kwong, Donald 82 photo
Kwong, Emily 88 photo
Kwong, Judith 52 photo
Kwong, Maria 38 photo
Kwong, Sye Wye 52 photo
Lai, Mabel 76, 114 photo
Lam Research Company 57 photo Lam Research Company founder
Lam, Brian 57 photo brother of David Lam
Lam, David 57, 70 photo
Lam, Godwin 57 photo brother of David Lam
Lama, Dalai 109 photo
Las Palmas Chinese Women's Level Rating 3.0 Tennis Team 80 photo
Lawther, Jill 125 photo
Lea, Nicol 110 photo
Lee, Albert 77 photo
Lee, Ann 88 photo
Lee, Bob 46, 64, 118 photo
Lee, C. H. 61 photo
Lee, Cecelia 58, 108 photo wife of David Lee
Lee, Chung 17, 25
Lee, Dan 50, 89 photo
Lee, Darwin 46 photo
Lee, David 58, 70 photo
Lee, David Sen-Lin 108 photo
Lee, Dawson 46 photo
Lee, Dorothy 77 photo
Lee, Ella 96 photo
Lee, Elwood 46 photo
Lee, Fred 88 photo
Lee, Gary 93 photo Dr.
Lee, George 88 photo
Lee, Harry 88 photo
Lee, Helen 65, 76 photo
Lee, James 88 photo Dr.
Lee, Jeffery 77, 126 photo Dr.
Lee, Joe 88 photo
Lee, June 89 photo
Lee, Kathryn 97 photo
Lee, Lester 70 photo
Lee, Lillian 88 photo
Lee, Mabel 45 photo
Lee, Mary Wong 88 photo
Lee, Mitzi 88 photo
Lee, O. D. 88 photo
Lee, Otto 115 photo Sunnyvale mayor
Lee, Pearl 66, 75, 98 photo
Lee, Pearl Shew 21 photo
Lee, Robert 57 photo
Lee, Robert Q. 118 photo
Lee, Sam 28 photo
Lee, Susan Lew 97, 126 photo Speakers Series chairperson
Lee, Thomas 46 photo
Lee, Tiffany 93 photo
Lee, Trina 93 photo
Lee, Tuck 64 photo
Lenzen, Theodore 10 map Famous San Jose architect
Leong, Helen 124 photo
Leong, Herbert 46 photo
Leong, Samuel 45 photo
Leung, Aimee 65 photo
Leung, Hin 92 photo
Leung, James C. Y. 102 photo Col.
Leung, Vera 102 photo wife of James C. Y. Leung
Leung, Wallace 40 photo
Leung, Wally 92 photo
Levi, Dennis 112 photo
Lew, Michele 68 photo executive director of Asians Americans for Community Involvement
Li, K. Y. 70 photo Taiwan chief policy maker
Lick Observatory 13 photo c. 1876
Lin, Bob 105 photo
Lin, Kico 76 photo
Lin, Stephen 49 photo a Taiwanese American entrepreneur
Liu, David 41 photo
Liu, Grace 77 photo
Liu, Jenny 77 photo
Liu, On 41 photo
Liu, Rose 41 photo
Liu, Tally 98 photo Knight Ridder executive
Live Oak Orchard 18 photo
Lo, Jimmy 96 photo Chef
Locke, Robert 127 photo first police chief of Campbell
Lockheed Missiles and Space 60 photo in Sunnyvale
Los Gatos Ming Quong Home 86 photo
Louie, Marisa 122 photo
Low, Arthur 114, 127 photo Dr.
Low, Evan 78, 127 photo
Low, Qui Hong 41 photo
Lowe, Frank 89 photo
Lowe, Pauline 89 photo
Lowe, Sylvia 89 photo
Lu, Julian 77 photo
Luk, John 71 photo
Lum, Rodney 75 photo CHCP president; Dr.
Lum, Sen 22 map
Lumbard, Barbara 20 photo
Lytle, John 20 sketch artist
Mah, Robert 108 photo Dr.; of the NASA Ames Research Center
Mandarin Grill 40 photo opened in 1926 by Leung Kee
Mao, Larry 76 photo 2006 president
Mar, Edwin 64 photo
Mar, Frank 64 photo
Mark, Leo 64, 106 photo
Mark, Wun 100 photo producer and founder of the Cantonese Opera Association-Silicon Valley
Matsuura, Kelly 83 photo
Matthews, Margie 75 photo HS chair
Mew, Ada 111 photo
Mexican Bracero Program 47 photo
Ming's of Palo Alto 50 photo owner of Ming's of Palo Alto
Mock, Anita 104 photo
Mock, Arlene 37 photo Child of William and Kay Mock
Mock, Henry 37 photo Child of William and Kay Mock
Mock, Kay 37 photo
Mock, Lixia 37 photo Child of William and Kay Mock
Mock, Mary 88 photo
Mock, May 37 photo Child of William and Kay Mock
Mock, Stewart 37 photo Child of William and Kay Mock
Mock, William 37, 104 photo
Mok, Ruth 88 photo
Moy, Stan 67 photo
Mun, Lo Wai 100 photo managing director
Nahat, Dennis 121 photo Ballet San Jose artistic/executive director
Nan, Ling 70 photo Dr.
National Dollar Store 48 photo one of the largest department stores in San Jose
National Reconnaissance Office Pioneer Hall 60 photo
New Almaden Quicksilver Mine 15 photo
Ng Shing Gung Building 20 sketch
Ng Shing Gung museum 73 photo
Ng Shing Gung temple 27 photo
Ng, Matriarch 118 photo
Nguyen, Andre 60, 78 photo founder of Vision New America
Nguyen, Hugh 95 photo
Organization of Chinese American Women's Silicon Valley 77 photo
Organization of Chinese Americans 77 photo
Organization Resolved to Charitable Events and Developing Sisterhood 83 photo
Overland Express 16
Palo Alto Chinese School 91 photo
Pang, Eva 51 photo
Pang, Ken 51 photo
Pang, Louis 63 photo
Park, Heng Seung 72 photo
Pau, Peter 52 photo
Peninsula Children's Auxiliary 124 photo
Plaza Chinatown 19 photo
Poon, Abraham 94 photo Reverend
Poon, Lillian 94 photo Wife of Abraham Poon
Poon, Serena 94 photo Daughter of Abraham Poon
Poouy, Gong 34 photo
Quon, Frances 66 photo
Quon, Raymond 64 photo
Quota International 110 photo
Ranch 99 53 photo in Cupertino Village
Reed, Chuck 75 photo San Jose mayor
Runowicz, Carolyn 110 photo national board president
Sakamoto, Paul 68 photo
Sakkestad, George 116 photo
Sam, Ah 15 photo known as "China Sam"
San Jose Chinese Catholic Community 94 photo
San Jose Christian Alliance Church 94 photo
San Jose Evening News 19 photo
San Jose Railroad 14 photo
San Jose State Teachers College 43 photo
San Jose Woolen Mills 10 map
Santa Clara Valley 14, 20 photo was known as "the Valley of the Heart's Delight"
Santa Cruz- Monterey Line 14 photo
Seale Military Academy of Palo Alto 42 photo
Second Market Street Chinatown 10 map also called the "Plaza Chinatown" (1872-1887)
Seid, Allan 68 photo Dr.; founder of Asians Americans for Community Involvement
Seid, Hubert 93 photo
Self-Help for the Elderly 81 photo
Shanen, Charlotte 65, 118 photo
Shatt, Lee Y. 45 photo
Shew, George 21 photo Brother of Lynne Shew
Shew, Lynne 21 photo Sister of George Shew
Shile, Mariana 116 photo Los Gatos High School Student Board representative
Shin Shin Education Foundation 69 photo
Shin, Chin 10 map "Big Jim", ran a large cannery
So, Bailey 52 photo
So, Gloria 84 photo
Soffiotto, Becky Quan 96 photo
South Bay Historic Chinese American Cemetery Corporation 87 photo
South Pacific Coast Railroad 14 photo
St. Claire Hotel 49 photo
Stanford Area Chinese Club 67 photo
Stanford's Chinese Students Club 61 photo
State Meat Market 43 photo on 150 East Santa Clara Street in San Jose
Stein, Aaron 16
Su, James 76 photo
Su, Ray-Zhan 84 photo
Sugihara, Glenn 72 photo
Sunshine, Fruit and Flowers 34 photo a book promoting the Santa Clara Valley in 1898
T. S. Chan Nursery 36 photo
T'aam, Wu 61 photo
Tam, Terry 95 photo Scoutmaster
Tang, Don 60 photo
Tang, Kathryn 60 photo Grandchild of Don Tang
Tang, Kevin 60 photo
Tang, Lauren 60 photo Grandchild of Don Tang
Tang, Rose 60, 66 photo
Tang, Sandra 60 photo
Tao, Donna 77 photo
Tao, Gary 95 photo Eagle Scout
Tien, Chang-Lin 70 photo UC Berkeley chancellor
Ting, Lee 84 photo
Tom, Arthur 71 photo
Tom, Midge 66 photo
Tom, Timothy 77 photo
Tong, Homer 70 photo
Tong, Jeff 82 photo
Toy, Charles 36 photo son of grower Lum Toy
Toy, James 36 photo son of grower Lum Toy
Toy, Jane 88 photo
Toy, Lum 36 photo grower in Palo Alto
Transcontinental Railroad 14 photo (1865-1869)
Tsai, Doug 82 photo
Tsang, David 78, 105 photo
Tseng, Rose 70 photo
Tsim, Patrick 52 photo
Tsim, Teresa 52 photo
Tu, David 59 photo
Tu, Norman 59 photo
Twu, Rosmemarie 75 photo
Vine Street Chinatown 10 map (1870-1872), was where residents moved when the Market Street Chinatown burned.
Vu, Andrew 68 photo board chairman of Asians Americans for Community Involvement
Wah, Pang Hang 100 photo
Wan, David 88 photo
Wan, Willy 88 photo
Wang, Albert 78 photo
Wang, Chester 58, 105 photo Brother of Stanley Wang
Wang, Kris 115 photo Cupertino mayor
Wang, Stanley 58, 70 photo Brother of Chester Wang
Watanabe, Rick 93 photo
Way, T. T. 49 photo
Wei, Belle 78 photo
Wei, Belle W. Y. 60 photo Dr.; dean of the College of Engineering at San Jose State University
Wellman, Maggie 125 photo
Wells Fargo 16
West Valley Chinese Language School 90 photo
Why, Barbara 66 photo
Wilbur, Ray Lyman 42 photo Professor of Stanford University
Wing, Ruth 67 photo
Wing, Steve 72 photo
Wing's Market 47 photo in Campbell
Wong, Adelaide 90 photo
Wong, Al 64 photo
Wong, Alvin P. 106 photo Potentate
Wong, Andrea 111 photo grandmother of Andrea Wong
Wong, Anna Lee 88 photo
Wong, Betty 106 photo
Wong, Brenda 95 photo
Wong, Clifford 88 photo
Wong, Edward 111 photo
Wong, Flo Oy 111 photo
Wong, Gerrye 66, 73, 86, 98, 118, 120 photo
Wong, Gerrye Kee 48 photo
Wong, Gilbert 77 photo
Wong, Guy 67 photo
Wong, H. C. 61 photo
Wong, Hank 67 photo
Wong, Lois 86 photo
Wong, Mary 63 photo
Wong, Matthew 95 photo Eagle Scout
Wong, Michael 93 photo Dr.
Wong, Sheong 88 photo
Wong, Shirley 66 photo
Wong, Victor 64, 65, 104, 118 photo
Wong, Wally 63 photo
Wong, Wilma 67 photo
Woo, Amy 100 photo
Woo, Ann 121 photo
Woo, George 84 photo
Woo, Wahnita 90, 100 photo
Woolen Mills Chinatown 10, 17 map (1887-1902) was one of the two Chinatowns that emerged after the 1887 arson fire
Wu, Joe 70 photo
Wu, Nancy 97 photo CSC advisor
Y. K. Fong Nursery 39 photo
Yang, Jerry 127 photo
Yao, Yong 121 photo Artistic Director of CPAA
Yee, Anita 77 photo
Yee, Bertha 65 photo
Yee, Dale 63 photo
Yee, Dick 44 photo proprietor of Dick's Supermarket
Yee, Gene 44 photo Dick Yee's son
Yee, Martin 55 photo Dr.
Yee, Melinda 55 photo
Yee, Peter 55 photo Dr.; San Jose's first Chinese American anesthesiologist
Yee, Robert 99 photo
Yee, Roberta 63 photo
Yeo, Chris 96 photo owner of Straits Restaurant
Yep, Doris 51 photo
Yim, Stanley 72 photo
Yip, Clifford 99 photo member of the Chinese Community Center of the Peninsula
Yoke, Lum Kaye 118 photo
Young, Bill 28 photo
Young, Charles 30 photo
Young, Fred 39 photo husband of Lonnie Young
Young, George "Ming" 101 photo
Young, Jack 32 photo
Young, Jan 93 photo tennis director
Young, John C. 89 photo
Young, Lonnie 39 photo
Young, Mary 89 photo
Young, Osla 21, 25, 28 photo
Young, Richard 67 photo
Young, Sai Tai 30 photo husband of Shee Chan
Young, Soong Quong 31 photo
Young, Wanda 39 photo daughter of Lonnie Young
Yu, Albert 77, 84, 109 photo
Yu, Connie Young 12, 18, 27, 98, 101, 122 photo
Yu, Jennifer 120 photo
Yu, Jessica 125 photo
Yu, Kou-ping 53 photo
Yuan, Betty 69 photo
Yue, Emily 74, 98 photo
Yue, N. Y. 61 photo
Yuen, Lisa 120 photo
Zane, Jeanette 123 photo
Zhao, Peter 52 photo
Zung Sieu Longevity Garden 59, 81 photo