Grandad's Santa Clara Valley Pioneer Stories : The Cats of Los Gatos
by James Edwin Addicott

Indexed by Tammy Grier

Last Name, First or Topic Page # Image type Other information - Dr, Jr, wife of ..., occupation, etc
Addicott, Grandad 65 Picture
Aiken, Charles 36 Text Members of Mart's orchestra
Allen, Professor Chas. H. 72 Text First principle of State Normal School in San Jose
Alma, Santa Clara County 40 Text
Armstorng, Leroy E. 73 Text
Arrival in California, Flour Mill 67-70 Text James Alexander "Alex" Forbes
Averill, Volney 37 Text
Bard Field, Sarah 5 Text Poetess
Bay City Water Co. 12 Text
Bear Flag 24 Text
Brannan, Isaac 50 Text
Brown, Prentiss 74 Text
Buena Vista Plaza 6 Text
Burrell, Clarissa 40 Text Early Summit Community settlers
Burrell, Lyman 40 Text Early Summit Community settlers
Carson, James 58 Text
Carson, Kit 21, 39, 73 Text
Castro, General 39 Text Spanish commander of Monterey Presidio
Catala, Father 15 Text
Chinese Exclusion Law 56 Text
Chinese Laundry 55 Text
Cobb, H. O. 43 Text
Columbus, Balboa 19 Text Spanish explorers
Conlan, Jack 12 Text Shot the cat but wasn't able to save Earl or Isola
Coolies 55-56 Text Derogatory reference to those of Chinese nationality
Cory, Dr. Ben 71 Text
Covell, Morgan 42 Text Bought and sol the first Los Gatos store, post office
Cubberley, Dr Elwood P. 73 Text
de la Pena, Father 19 Text
DeFoe, Albert 37, 66 Text
Dryden, Gus 33, 41 Text Residents of the mountain community
Dryden's, Gus Horse 60 Text, Rendering Rendering and story of Dryden's famous horse
Eddy, James J. 42 Text Bought and sol the first Los Gatos store, post office
Empire State 30 Text Great redwood tree
Fallon, Captain Thomas 23 Text
First National Bank of Los Gatos 54 Text
First School House 71 Text Location, fire, rebuilding
Fisher, Raymond 55 Text
Flores, Louis 44 Text
Forbes, J. A. 39 Text, Rendering Rendering of Forbes home
Forbes, James Alexander "Alex" 14, 39 Text Reported second white settler in California about 1820.
Ford, Captain 24 Text
Fowler, Sy 36 Text Members of Mart's orchestra
Fremont, Captain John C. 21, 39, 73 Text
Fremont, Mrs. 22 Text Wife of General John Fremont
Frisbie, Anna 24 Text
Galinda, Anita 67, 68 Text Mrs. Forbes
Garcia & Marival 46-47, 50 Text Members of Vasquez's gang
Gilroy, John 39 Text Reported first white settler in California in early 1800s
Grant, Gen. 30 Text Great redwood tree
Hamilton, Jimmie 11 Text Proprietor of lumber mill
Hangman's Bridge 45-48 Text
Henning, John P. 40, 50 Text
Hernandez, Jose 39, 44 Text, Rendering Purchased La Rinconada de Los Gatos - 6,661 acres
History of the Toll Gates 41 Text
Hoyt, Mrs. 71 Text Teacher
Hubback, Charlie 48, 59 Text
Hubbard, Oscar S. 74 Text
Hurlbert, Jerry 12 Text
Inigo 14 Text Male Indian
Isabella, Queen 19 Text
Isbell, Mrs. Olive Mann 71 Text First public school teacher in the county
Jariach, Grandad 33 Text Residents of the mountain community
Johnson 51, 52 Text
Jones, Zachariah 40, 50 Text
Jordan, Dr 72 Text First President of Stanford University
Joyce, Ruth 52 Text
Kennedy, "Jim" 54, 57 Text
Kennedy, James 41 Text
King Carlos V 15 Text
King, John 50-52 Text
King, Will 48 Text
La Rinconado de Los Gatos 6, 9, 10, 11 Text
Laguna Saca 16 Text
Lange, Alexif F. 73 Text
Laurel 62 Text Small railroad village north of the Glenwood tunnel
Leland Stanford Jr University 72 Text
Lexington School 40 Text Land donated by Henning, named after his hometown
London, Jack 73 Text
Los Gatos Bridge 45 Text, Rendering Various iterations of this bridge highlighted.
Los Gatos Graveyard 64-65 Text Southeast corner of current Hwy 9 and N. Santa Cruz Ave. Reinterment to Los Gatos Memorial Park took place between 1890-1924.
Lyndon Hotel (Ten Mile House) 41, 42 Text
Lyndon, James 43 Text
Lyndon, John W. 41-43 Text Established the Bank of Los Gatos & Los Gatos Gas Co.
MacMonnies, Frederick 5 Text Sculptor
Majors, Lloyd L. 48-49 Text
Marcello 13, 14 Rendering Fugitive Mexican Aztec who became chief of Missions Indians
Marzion, V. 69 Text
McDonell, Kennith A. 73 Text
McIntyre 48 Text
McKiernan, Charley 25-29 Text Known to the locals as Mountain Charley
McMillin, I. Y. 40 Text
McMurtry, "Doc" W. S. 40, 42, 57, 64, 69 Text
McMurtry, George 40, 57 Text
McMurtry, Mary 57 Text Children of W. S. McMurtry
Mexican War 23 Text
Military Highway 37 Text
Montezuma School for Boys 71 Text
Montgomery, Captain 24 Text
Moraga, Lieutenant 19, 20 Text Of the Spanish Army
Morrell, Lizzie 53 Text
Mt. Charley Big Tree 29 Text
Najor 12 Text Cherokee Indian in the Redwood Estates (Gilroy) area.
Nobili, Father 68 Text
Norton, Professor Henry 72 Text First Vice-Principle of State Normal School in San Jose
P. G. & E. 69 Text
Pain, Robert 5 Text Artist
Parker, Major Lewis Foster 74 Text
Patchen, Santa Clara County 6, 16 Text Ghost-town and home of "Mountain Charlie"
Perelta, Sebastian 39, 44 Text, Rendering Purchased La Rinconada de Los Gatos - 6,661 acres
Perkins, Governor 56 Text
Poets' Canyon and Retreat 5 Text
Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe 20 Text
Redwood Township 40 Text Also referenced as Redwood District
Renowden [William P.] 48 Text
Renowden, Uncle 33 Text Residents of the mountain community
Reynolds, Charlie 53 Text Teamsters
Reynolds, John 53 Text Teamsters
Rich, Jacob 42 Text Bought and sol the first Los Gatos store, post office
Riggs, Mrs. Flora 41, 49 Text Early historian
Riggs, Zadok 73 Text
Royce Street 52 Text Named after Josiah Royce, Sr
Royce, Jr, Josiah 52 Text
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus 5 Text Sculptor
San Bernardino [1790] 20 Text Predecessor to Santa Clara Valley
San Jose Normal school 53 Text
San Jose State College 52 Text
San Jose Water Works 51, 54 Text
Santa Cruz County Turnpike 28 Text
Santa Lucia Mountains 6 Text
Schulteis, Mart 33 Text Residents of the mountain community
Schultheis' Lagoon 66 Text
Schultheis, Alice 36 Text Mart's daughter
Schultheis, Ed & Frank 36 Text Members of Mart's orchestra
Schultheis, John (Mart) Tools 34-35 Picture, Text Picture of ranch tools with corresponding index
Schultheis, John (Mart) Martin 27, 34 Text
Semperviren 30 Text Great redwood tree
Serra, Father 14, 19 Text
Sherman, Gen. 30 Text Great redwood tree
Sloat, Commodore 24 Text
Small Pox Scare 63-64 Text 1882-83
Sobey, Dr. 37 Text
Spanish Dagger 49 Text, Rendering
Summit Community 64 Text Surnames of those who settled
Summit Community Graveyards 64 Text Summit Farm and the Schultheis homestead
Summit Community Schools 64 Text
Sythe, George B. 44 Text
Tarantula Flat (Reservoir Hill) 8-9 Text
Taylor, John 38 Text
Thomas, Stillman 40 Text
Vallejo, Captain 23 Text
Vancouver, Captain 20 Text
Vasquez [Tiburcio] 44-46 Text
Wasielensky 44 Text
Water tanks 42 Rendering
Wilcox, Harvey 51, 52 Text
Wilcox, Harvey - Rancho 7-8 Text
Wilson, Earl , Mrs. Isola Kennedy 11 Text Attached by wild cat near Morgan Hill in 1906
Wilson, Elwood 58-59 Text
Wood, Co. Charles Erskine Scott 5 Text Poet
Zayante Inn 28 Text