Mountain View
by Nicholas Perry

Indexed by Matthew Yoshimoto

Last Name, First or topic Page # Image type Other information - Dr, Jr, wife of ..., occupation, etc.
Adobe Building 68 photo
Adobe Systems 93 photo
American Legion Memorial Hall 45 photo
Ames Building 36 photo
Ames, Daniel T. 36 photo Prof.; renowned handwriting expert
Amphitheatre Parkway 95 photo
Andre House 58 photo
Anzini, Victor 60 photo
Architectural Record 70 photo
Armadillo Willy's 80 photo
Arrow Development 69, 83 photo
Awalt High School 46 photo
Bank of America 34, 35 photo
Bank of Italy 35 photo
Bay Trail extension 90 photo
Bill Graham Presents 92 photo
Bolster TV Repair 62 photo
Boone, Daniel 38 photo
Bubb Elementary School 55 photo
Bubb family home 55 photo
Bubb, Benjamin T. 55 photo local pioneer
Burns, Benjamin E. 29 photo Judge
Burns, Katherine Henley 29 photo Wife of Benjamin
California Supply Company 42 photo
Calthorpe Associates 74 photo
Camino Bowl 53, 63 photo
Camp, Elizabeth Burns 34 photo Wife of Wilbur
Camp, Wilbur 35 photo
Camp, Wilbur Lee 34 photo Husband of Elizabeth; a veteran
Campen, Fritz 41 photo
Cantin, Alexander 41 photo
Castro family 51 photo
Castro, Crisanto 51 photo Mariano Castro's youngest son; husband of Francesca
Castro, Francesca 51 photo Wife of Crisanto
Castro, Maria 44 photo
Castro, Mariano 50 photo Estrada's father-in-law
Castro, Mercedes 51 photo Daughter of Crisanto
Centennial Plaza 25 photo
Charleston Park 95 photo
Chez TJ restaurant 24 photo
Computer History Museum 93 photo
Corporate Center office park 64 photo
Craftsman farmhouse 56 photo orchardist
Crowder, Peggy Bolster 62 photo
Cuesta Park 55, 82 photo
Cusimano Family Colonial Mortuary 13 photo
Cusimano, Joseph 13 photo served on the city council from 1968 to 1974 and as mayor in 1974
Cusimano, Sue 13 photo active participants in Mountain View's civic life
Dale family ranch 81 photo
Dana Street Park 43 photo
Dana Street School 43 photo
Disneyland 69 photo
Duggan, Kevin 16 photo
Eagle Park 47 photo
Eastwood, Joseph 58 photo Sr.
Eaton, Nathaniel 22 photo Dr.
Edith Landels Elementary School 43 photo
El Camino Hospital 82 photo
El Camino Real 11 photo
El Camino YMCA 57 photo
Elliot, William 12 photo Originally built Taylor Hotel
Emporium 81 photo
Enterprise Hall 21 photo
Erichsen, Ruth Job 49, 56 photo
Erichsen, Ruth Job 56 photo
Erichsen, Wallace 49 photo
Estrada, Francisco 50 photo
Fairchild Semiconductor 66, 93 photo the valley's first successful startup
Farmers and Merchants Bank 34, 35 photo
Farmers Exchange Saloon 18 photo owned by Richard Harjes
Farr, Daniel Marcus 27 photo
Ferry-Morse Seed Company 64 photo
First National Bank 40 photo
First Presbyterian Church 77 photo
Foothill Community College 20 photo
Forencich, Sam 92 photo
Gemello family 63 photo
Gemello Village 53, 63 photo
Gemello Winery 53 photo
Gemello, John 53 photo
Gemello, Katherine 53 photo
Gemello, Mario 53 photo Son of John
Glen Theatre 41 photo
Gobolic, Rex 63 photo
Google 87, 93 photo
Google's world headquarters 95 photo
Grubb, Wendell 47 photo coach
Harjes, Richard 18 photo German immigrant who came to Mountain View in 1868
Hewlett Packard 73 photo
Hickman, Jim 40 photo
Highway Elementary School 20 photo
Hobee's restaurant 50 photo
Home Depot 81 photo
Hori, Asa 54 photo Japanese immigrant
Hori, Shuichi 54 photo Japanese immigrant
Hotel Lodge 18 photo
Huff, Emily 87 photo
Huff, James 87 photo
Independent Order of Odd Fellows 40 photo
In-N-Out Burger restaurant 19 photo
Irmandade da Festa do Espírito 54 photo founded in 1926 by Portuguese dairymen
J.C. Penney 73 photo
Jehning, Al 36 photo
Jehning, Audrey 36 photo
Job, Alpha 57 photo wife of Merle
Job, Barney 56, 57 photo orchardist
Job, Juliette 56, 57 photo
Job, Merle 57 photo son of Barney and Juliette; husband of Alpha
Job, Ruth 57 photo child of Merle and Alpha
Job, Thomas 57 photo child of Merle and Alpha
Johnny Mac's 70 photo
Jones, Enedina 48 photo
Junction Garage 61 photo
Junction House 60 photo
Kapp, Joe 38 photo brother of Larry
Kapp, Larry 38 photo brother of Joe
Kapp's Pizza Bar and Grill 38 photo
Kingsport Plunge 90 photo saltwater recreational pool; became part of Moffett Field and is now located within Sunnyvale
Kline, Terry 24 photo former owner of Weilheimer Building
Lancers, Francis 58 photo St.
Lane's 70 photo drive-in on El Camino Real
Linda's Drive-In 80 photo
Los Alamos ranch 86 photo
Los Altos High School 46 photo
Lung, Yuen 28 photo Chinese immigrant; came to Mountain View in 1879
Mancini Motors 71 photo
Mancini, Ugo 71 photo owner of Mancini Motors
Manfredi, Andrew 19 photo brother of Victor; emigrated from Palermo, Italy, in the 1880s
Manfredi, Victor 19 photo brother of Andrew; emigrated from Palermo, Italy, in the 1880s
Mariposa Park 33 photo
Mayfield Mall 73 photo on San Antonio Road
Mayor of Old Mountain View 19 photo a general store on El Camino Real opened by Victor Manfredi
Melena, Joe 73, 95 photo
Mervyn's Fine Foods 78 photo one of the last old-fashioned American diners on Castro Street
Microsoft 86 photo
Minton Company 59 photo
Minton Lumber Company 26 photo
Minton, Earl D. 26 photo
Mission Rabbitry 62 photo a 1920s rabbit farm
Mission Revival campus 88 photo
Mockbee Building 38 photo
Mockbee, Jacob 35, 38 photo
Moffett Drive-In Theatre 83 photo
Moffett Field 88, 89 photo
Moffett Field Historical Society 88 photo
Monte Vista Drive-In Theatre 21 photo
Mountain Bay Plaza 75 photo
Mountain View Academy 32 photo an Adventist high school
Mountain View Cemetery 44 photo
Mountain View Historical Association 68 photo
Mountain View History Center 66 photo
Mountain View Hotel 37 photo
Mountain View Post Office 27 photo
Mountain View Register-Leader 69, 87 photo
Mountain View Station 23 photo
Mountain View Theatre 41, 78 photo
Mountain View Union High School 46, 79 photo
Mountain View Water Works 42 photo
Mountain View Whisman School District 85 photo merged from the Whisman School District
Mountain View's Chinatown 28 photo
Mountain View's Community School of Music and Arts 30 photo
Mountain View's Fire Station 1 43 photo
Mountain View's First Presbyterian Church 55 photo
Mountain View's Masonic Temple 45 photo
Mountain View's Seventh-Day Adventist church 32 photo stood on the corner of Bailey Avenue
NASA 88 photo
NASA Ames Research Center 88, 91 photo
National Register of Historic Places 68 photo
Navy's USS Macon dirigible 89 photo
Netscape 93 photo
North Bayshore district 83 photo located between into a premier Silicon Valley office area. Arrow the Bayshore Highway (101)
Office Depot 60 photo
Old Mill Specialty Center 74 photo
Ortega Avenue cherry orchard 52 photo
Pacific Press Publishing Company 31 photo
Palo Alto Medical Foundation's Mountain View Center 81 photo
Parisian Bakery 80 photo
Park Place 46 photo
Parkinson Brothers Lumber and Hardware Company plant 26 photo
Pear family ranch 52 photo
Pear, Edna 52 photo
Pear, Mark 52 photo Brother of Matt
Pear, Martin 52 photo grandparent
Pear, Matt 52 photo former council member and mayor
Pear, Milica 52 photo grandparent
Perry, Gloria 48 photo daughter of Emma Sias
Pioneer Memorial Park 44 photo
Police and Fire Administration Building 42 photo
Presbyterian church 44 photo
Rancho Pastoría de las Borregas 50 photo
Rasmussen School of Craft 33 photo
Rasmussen, Bernard 33 photo an Adventist couple
Rasmussen, Lela 33 photo an Adventist couple
Red Rock Coffee House 35 photo
Rengstorff Landing 84 photo Henry's bayside shipping port
Rengstorff Park 51 photo
Rengstorff, Henry 84, 85 photo German immigrant
Riggs, Dean 80 photo opened Linda's Drive-In
Riggs, Rebecca 80 photo opened Linda's Drive-In
Rogers and Rogers General Store 37 photo
Rogers, Arthur 37 photo nephew of Thomas
Rogers, Thomas 37 photo
Ron Calcagno Stadium 58 photo
Rudgers, Carol 61 photo
San Antonio Center 72, 74 photo
San Antonio Road retail zone 81 photo
San Antonio Shopping Center 49 photo
San Francisco World's Fair 47 photo
San Jose Evening News 28 photo
San Jose Mercury News 80 photo
Santa Clara Mission Church 17 photo
Santa Clara Valley 49 photo once known as the Valley of Heart's Delight
Santiago Villa mobile home park 86 photo
Scarpa's Meat Market 48 photo
Schatz, Robert K. 42 photo former police chief and mayor
Schmidt, Emil 61 photo
Schmitz family 56 photo
Seascapes Fish and Pets 48 photo
Shenandoah Plaza National Historic District 88 photo
Shockley Laboratories 93 photo
Shockley Semiconductor 66 photo Silicon Valley's first silicon-based lab
Shoreline Amphitheatre 92 photo
Shoreline Park 16, 84, 94 photo regional park with a sailing lake, a golf course, and restored marshlands
Sias, Emma 48 photo
Silicon Graphics, Inc. 93 photo
Sizzler 62 photo
Skinner, Charles 61 photo built the Junction Garage
Sociedade da Festa Velha do Divino Espírito Santo 54 photo
Southern Pacific train depot 25 photo
Spitz, Honor 59 photo
St. Francis High School 58 photo
St. Joseph's Catholic Church 17 photo
Stevens Creek 16, 91 photo
Stevens Creek Trail 16, 91 photo
Stierlin, Conrad 86 photo immigrated to Mountain View from Switzerland in 1852
Studios Architects 93 photo
Sullivan, John 17 photo from San Francisco
Sylvania Electronic Defense Laboratory 65 photo
Taylor family house 13 photo
Taylor Hotel 12 photo located on the site of the town's first stagecoach stop
Taylor, Leticia 12 photo Purchased Taylor Hotel in 1861
Taylor, Samuel 12 photo Purchased Taylor Hotel in 1861
Treasure Island 47 photo
Treasure Island World's Fair 71 photo
US Navy 88 photo
Veglia's Department Store 48 photo
Villa Francesca 51 photo
Vista Slope 95 photo in Shoreline Park
Walker's Wagon Wheel 67 photo
Waverly Park 56 photo
Weilheimer Building 24 photo
Weilheimer, Julius 24 photo son of Seligman
Weilheimer, Samuel 24 photo brother of Seligman
Weilheimer, Seligman 24 photo brother of Samuel
Wells Fargo bank 45 photo
Whelan blacksmith shop 14 photo
Whelan, Charles 15 photo blacksmith
Whelan, Daniel 14 photo operated Whelan blacksmith shop
Whelan, Margaret 14 photo operated Whelan blacksmith shop
Whisman School District 85 photo
Whisman Station 65 photo
Whisman, John W. 85 photo stagecoach line operator
Wienerschnitzel, Der 79 photo
Wolf Camera store 80 photo
Wright, Nellie Swall 59 photo wife of William
Wright, William Patrick 59 photo husband of Nellie; real estate broker and founder of Mountain View's First National Bank