San Jose (Postcard History Series)
by Bob Johnson

Indexed by Matthew Yoshimoto

Last Name, First or topic Page # Image type Other information - Dr, Jr, wife of ..., occupation, etc.
Allen, F. S. 29 photo of Pasadena
Almaden Expressway 105 photo
Alquist State Office Building 124 photo
Alum Rock Meteor 88 photo
Alum Rock Park 77, 82 photo
Alviso Slough 51 photo
American Trust Company 15 photo
Auditorium Rink 52 photo built in 1909
Bank of America 13 photo moved its local headquarters to Park Center Plaza at the corner of Park Avenue and Market Street
Bank of Italy 9, 103 photo changed its name to Bank of America
Bank of San Jose 10 photo located on the northwest corner of the busy intersection of First and Santa Clara Streets
Beach, Tyler 118 photo ice and coal dealer
Belden, Josiah 116 photo early mayor of San Jose
Belknap, Lewis J. 112 photo Dr.
Borica, Diego de 23 photo Mexican governor
Boysen Oak 101 photo
Breyfogle, Charles 15 photo Dr.; president of Garden City Bank
Brohaska's Orchestra 52 photo
Brown, Pat 38 photo Gov.
Brown, Richard 78 photo
California Theatre 9 photo
Cantina Murrieta Café 61 photo
Carnegie Library 39 photo
Carnegie, Andrew 39 photo
Casa del Pueblo retirement community 52 photo
Cathedral for the Diocese of San Jose 109 photo
Centella Methodist Episcopal Church 104 photo built at Reed and Second Streets to replace an older and smaller Methodist Episcopal church on the same site
Central Christian Church 106 photo
Christian Church 106 photo
Church of the Holy Family 109 photo built at the northwest corner of San Fernando and River Streets with donations from the local Italian community
Civic Auditorium 69 photo
Clunie, T. J. 75 photo Congressman; elected in 1888, he promised the voters a new San Jose Post Office
Cogswell, Henry 67 photo San Francisco dentist
Col, Peter 93 photo wholesale grocer
College of Notre Dame 30, 121 photo founded in 1851 by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
Columbia Hospital 112 photo
Columbus, Christopher 68 photo
Commercial Building 21 photo
Commercial Club 16
County Government Center 73 photo
Coyote Creek 100 photo
Crespi, Juan 101 photo Fr.
de Anza, Juan Bautista 121 photo early California explorer who passed through the Santa Clara Valley
de Havilland, Olivia 121 photo
DeLorean, John 37 photo retired General Motors executive and later founder of DeLorean Motor Company
Diridon, Rod 125 photo Sr.
Dougherty house 98 photo
Dougherty Lumber Company 98 photo wife of William Dougherty
Dougherty, Ann 98 photo
Dougherty, William 98 photo founder of Dougherty Lumber Company
E. J. Kump Associates 37 photo
Eagle Brewery 120 photo at the corner of Market and San Carlos Streets
Edbrooke, Willoughby 75 photo Post office architect
Edenvale Garden City Park 64 photo
Electric Light Tower 19, 49, 50, 66 photo
Fairmont Hotel 66, 119 photo
First Baptist Church of San Jose 105 photo second-oldest Baptist congregation in California
First Christian Church 106 photo
First Church of Christ Scientist 106 photo
First Methodist Episcopal Church 111 photo
First National Bank of San Jose 10, 16, 17 photo
First Presbyterian Church 107 photo
Foothill College 37 photo
Fred Flintstone 59 photo
Friends of the San Jose Rose Garden 99 photo A group of dedicated volunteers
Frontier Village 57, 63 photo Wild West-themed amusement park opened on October 21, 1961
Garden City Bank 14, 15 photo The bank grew steadily in the 1910s, adding branches in Saratoga, Gilroy, and Campbell
Garden City Bank Building 12 photo later named American Trust Company
Garden City Sanitarium 26, 112 photo founded in 1897 by Dr. Lewis J. Belknap
Giannini, A. G. 13 photo Bank of Italy founder and president
Gilman, Alexander 119 photo
Glendale Galleria shopping center 11 photo
Goodrich, Levi 30, 34 photo
Gordon Biersch Brew Pub 20 photo
Grant School 25 photo
Great America Theme Park 64 photo opened in 1976 in nearby Santa Clara
Guadalupe Parkway 74, 109 photo
Guadalupe River 100 photo
Guth, William Wesley 33 photo president of the University of the Pacific
Hale's Department Store 105 photo
Hall of Records 72, 73 photo constructed in the Romanesque Revival style in 1892
Hanchett Park neighborhood 93 photo
Hayes Mansion 57, 62, 97 photo
Hayes, Everis 97 photo son of Mary Hayes-Chynoweth
Hayes, Orley 97 photo son of Mary Hayes-Chynoweth
Hayes-Chynoweth, Mary 97 photo wealthy widow who, in 1887, acquired a 240-acre tract of land in the Edenvale area of San Jose
Haywood, Susan 121 photo
Helen Guth Hall 33 photo ladies dormitory built in the mission style in 1909
Herbert Hoover Junior High School 27 photo San Jose's second junior high school was built in 1931 and named after then-president Herbert Hoover
Herbert, George 95 photo
Herbert, Lucy 95 photo
Hester Elementary School 25 photo
Hippodrome Theater 18 photo built in 1919
Hoover, Herbet 27 photo US President
Horace Mann School 24 photo
Hospital Corporation of America 114 photo
Hotel De Anza 31, 121 photo
Hotel Dorchester 119 photo
Hotel Montgomery 119 photo built in 1911 by local developer and civic booster T. S. Montgomery
Hotel Sainte Claire 120, 121 photo
Hotel Vendome 116 photo
Institute of Pantherapy 113 photo
J. C. Penney Store 21 photo
James, Jesse 60 photo
Japanese Friendship Garden 98 photo
Japanese Tea House 86, 87 photo
Johnson, Nels 76 photo Danish immigrant
Kactus Kong 59 photo
Kelley Park 85, 98 photo
Kelsey, Bill 57 photo
L. Lion and Sons Furniture Store 20 photo Founded in 1856 by Lazard Lion
Larkspur Hotel Group 120 photo
Last National Bank 60 photo
Lenzen, Jacob 27, 116 photo
Lenzen, Theodore 66, 110 photo Architect
Lewis, Harvey 48 photo
Lil, Diamond 59 photo singer at the Silver Dollar Saloon
Lion, Lazard 20 photo
Llano de los Robles 101 photo Juan Crespi gave eastern Santa Clara County this name (Spanish for "plain of oaks")
Longfellow School 25 photo
Lost Dutchman Mine 59 photo
Lourdes Grotto 31 photo
Lyman, Chester 42 photo
Mann, Horace 24 photo the famous 19th-century educator
McCabe Hall 69 photo
McCabe, Jay 69 photo
McColl, L. C. 104 photo
McKenzie, Charles 126 photo architect
McKinley, William 45 photo Pres.
McLaren, John 99 photo horticulturist
Medico-Dental Building 111 photo
Methodist Church 111 photo
Mineral Spring Fountain 83 photo at Alum Rock Park in San Jose
Minton, Henry A. 13 photo San Francisco architect
Mission Santa Clara 81, 92 photo
Moffett Field Army Air Base 126 photo
Montgomery, T. S. 69, 70, 119, 120 photo
Morgan, Julia 124 photo
Morris Daily Auditorium 38 photo
Naglee Mansion 95 photo
Naglee Park 95, 96 photo
Naglee Park Tract 95 photo San Jose's first planned subdivision
Naglee, Henry Morris 95 photo general
National Register of Historic Places 43 photo
O'Brien, Maurice 20 photo
O'Brien's Candy Store 20 photo Founded in 1868 by Maurice O'Brien
O'Connor Hospital 110 photo
O'Connor Sanitarium 110 photo erected in 1888 thanks to the generosity of Judge Myles P. O'Connor
O'Connor, Myles P. 110 photo Judge; a lawyer and businessman who had made a fortune in the California gold mines
Office of the State Architect 38 photo
Ohlone Indians 101 photo
Owen, J. J. 49 photo San Jose Mercury publisher
Paseo Plaza Condominium complex 96 photo
Penitencia Creek 80, 86 photo
Plaza de Cesar Chavez 126 photo
Plaza Park 65, 67 photo now known as Plaza de Cesar Chavez
Polk, Willis 106 photo San Francisco architect
Porter Building 19 photo constructed around 1890 by Norman Porter
Porter, Norman 19 photo
Quilty, Charles W. 96 photo San Jose attorney and president of the San Jose Light and Power Company
Rainbow Falls 62 photo
Rod Diridon Station 125 photo
Rogers, Will 120 photo
Ron, Marshal 59, 60 photo
Rooney, Mickey 121 photo
Roos Atkins Clothing Store 21 photo
Roosevelt Junior High School 112 photo
Roosevelt, Eleanor 121 photo
Roosevelt, Theodore 26, 54 photo President
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum 48 photo
Rosicrucian Park 46 photo
Rosicrucian Planetarium 46 photo
Rosicrucian Science Building 47 photo
Rosicrucian University 48 photo
Sacred Heart of Jesus 31 photo statue; erected to commemorate the college's "Golden Jubilee"
Sainte Claire Club 123 photo private men's club moved into this mission-style building in 1896
San Jose and Santa Clara Railway Company 78 photo
San Jose Athletic Club 122 photo
San Jose City Council 88 photo
San Jose City Hall 66, 67, 74, 106 photo modeled after a Victorian-era Bavarian town hall
San Jose Elks Lodge 123 photo located at the corner of First and St. John Streets
San Jose Evening News 44 photo
San Jose Fire Department 71 photo
San Jose Giants 41 photo
San Jose Hospital 114 photo
San Jose Light and Power Company 96 photo
San Jose Main Library 40 photo
San Jose Main Post Office 76 photo
San Jose Medical Center 114 photo
San Jose Municipal Rose Garden 99 photo designated an All-America Rose Selection Test Garden
San Jose Municipal Stadium 41 photo
San Jose Museum of Modern Art 76 photo
San Jose Post Office 66, 75 photo
San Jose Public Library 40, 76 photo
San Jose Safe Deposit Bank 10 photo Founded in 1885, the bank stood at the southeast corner of First and Santa Clara Streets
San Jose Scottish Rite Lodge 122 photo
San Jose State Normal School 34, 35 photo
San Jose State Teachers College 36 photo
San Jose State University 36, 119 photo
Santa Clara County Courthouse 42 photo
Santa Clara County Hospital 115 photo
Santa Clara County Jail 74 photo
Santa Clara County Office Building 74 photo
Santa Clara County Rose Society 99 photo
Santa Clara County Superior Court Building 72 photo
Scottish Rite Temple 122 photo constructed on the corner of North Third and St. James Streets
Sherman Clay Music Store 18 photo
Silver Dollar Saloon 58 photo
Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul 110 photo
Sonoma Chicken Coop 71 photo
Sorosis Orchard Company 101 photo
South Bay Yacht Club 51 photo formed in 1888 by a group of local businessmen and boating enthusiasts
Southern Pacific Depot 125 photo located along the north side of Bassett Street between San Pedro and First Streets; constructed in the Italian Renaissance Revival style at a cost of $100,000
St. James Hotel 42, 45, 76, 118 photo
St. James Office Building 122 photo
St. James Park 42, 44, 106, 118, 122 photo
St. James Square 44 photo
St. Joseph's Cathedral 66, 67, 109 photo the oldest church in San Jose
St. Patrick's Church 108 photo the second-oldest Catholic parish in San Jose
St. Patrick's Elementary School 108 photo
St. Paul's Episcopal Church 104 photo
St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church 105 photo
St. Peter's Basilica 109 photo in Rome
Stevenson, James 113 photo Owner of Institute of Pantherapy
Stevenson, Mary 113 photo Owner of Institute of Pantherapy
Tech Museum of Innovation 69 photo
Teetering Tunnel 57 photo
Temple of Karnak 47 photo
Temple of the Sun in Heliopolis 46 photo
The Alameda 124 photo
The Conservatory of Music 32 photo
The First Methodist Episcopal Church 104 photo built on the northeast corner of Fifth and Santa Clara Streets to replace a church on North Second Street
The Garden City 91 photo a nickname well suited to San Jose
Theodore the Bear 59 photo
Tower Hall 38 photo
Town Park Towers 107 photo
Trinity Church 107 photo built in 1863 at the northwest corner of Second and St. John Streets; stands as the last surviving example of Carpenter Gothic architecture in San Jose.
Tumbleweed 59 photo the gold miner was one of the costumed characters at Frontier Village
University of the Pacific 32 photo founded by Methodist ministers and laymen in Santa Clara in 1851
Unruh, Jesse 38 photo California assembly speaker
Valley Medical Center 115 photo a regional trauma center with specialized units treating adult trauma, pediatric trauma, spinal injuries, brain injuries, and burns
Vintage Towers 111 photo a high-rise apartment building for low-income tenants
Weeks, William 27, 111 photo architect
Wells Fargo Bank 15 photo
West Hall 33 photo
Westin, Marshal 61 photo
Winchester Mystery House 56 photo
Winchester, Sarah 53 photo
Wolfe, Frank 87 photo architect
Wolfe, Frank Delos 93 photo local architect
Woolworth Store 22 photo
Works Progress Administration 41 photo
Wycoff, Ralph 76 photo
YMCA building 124 photo
Yogi Bear 59 photo