Views of Morgan Hill : postcards and images of Morgan Hill, California
by Ian L. Sanders in collaboration with Beth Wyman

Surname First Page Image Type Other Info
Adams John H. 33 sherriff
Alvires Juan Maria 20
Bennett Thomas 85 photo
Bev's Drive-in 132 photo
Bill Bone Lumber Yard 58
Briscoe I.B. 71 architect of Baptist Church
Britton Lewis H 78 Santa Clara educator
Buchheister A.E. 60 photo
Burnett Peter Hardeman 20 California's first governor
Burnett School 25 photo school and students, early 1900's
Burnett Township 20
Butterfield John 26
Cady G.W. 113
Campbell Farmer' Union Packing Company 68 photo
Capri Bar B Q Resturant 134 photo
Carlson Annie 107
Carlson Edwin 107
Carlson Jennie 107
Catharine Dunne Ranch 37 advertisement
Catharine Dunne Ranch 40 map
Cordes family 108 photo of home
Cottle John 111
Covert Charlie 46 postmaster, Morgan Hill
Covert's Cash Store 46 advertisement
Crowe S.E. 70 pastor of the Methodist Church
Crown Prince & Princess of Sweden 107
Daniel Murphy Ranch 39 photo
De Anza Don Juan Bautista 99
Drewry C.F 63 photo bank manager
Dunne Catherine 72
Dunne Catherine Murphy 37 photo wife of Bernard Murphy and James Dunne
Dunne James 37
Dunne Ranch 38 advertisement, photo"
Edes George Albert 60 founded Morgan Hill "Sun" newspaper
Edes Vertie 60,61 photo
Eighteen Mile House (Madrone Station) 26, 29,30 photos
El Toro 7,8,9 photo Murphy's Peak aka El Toro
Estes George 66 real estate office
Fifteen Mile House (Perry's Station) 26
Figueroa Jose 3 Governor of Alta California
Fisher Mary 20 wife of Daniel Murphy
Fisher William 20 Captain
Fogarty Guy 23 photo
Friendly Inn 126 photo
Giannini Amadeo 65 photo of bank founder of Bank of Italy
Goodrich Ken 133
Goodrich Teddy 133
Gray W.V. 70 pastor of Baptist Church
Hernandez Juan Maria 3
Higgins & Sterrett 66 insurance office
Hill Diana Murphy 22 wife of Hiram Morgan Hill
Hill Diane 36 daughter of Hiram Morgan Hill
Hill Hiram Morgan 4 Daniel Murphy's son-in-law
Hill Hiram Morgan 35 photo son of Samuel Allen Hill and Julia Ann Sloan
Hill Country 137 photos
Ho-Hum Motel 130 photo, advertisement"
Hoover Herbert 11
Hubbard H.C. 93
Joaquin Joe 21 postmaster
Johnson Emil 58 photo 1905
July 4th Parade 58,83
Keesling Horace Greely 93 Horticulturist
Kennedy Isola 100 photo Sunday School teacher, killed by mountain lion
Kirby General Store 23 photos
Knecht Dorothy 105 wife of Gustave
Knecht Gustave 105
Knopf Janie forward Bancroft Library
Machado School 81 photo photo of unnamed staff and students
Madrone 21 postcard
Madrone Mineral Spring 110 photo
Madrone Rodeo 24 photo
Mason Chas B. 48 photo of store
Mason & Edwards 66 general store
Mason & Triggs 66 general store
McDonald Emily 111
McDonald William 111
McKinnon Donald J 72 first pastor of St Catherine's
Miller Henry 117 "Cattle King"
Mission Trails Gourmet Foods 133 photos
Montgomery Harness Shop 46 photo
Morgan Hill 41 advertisement
Morgan Hill Band 49 photo 1903
Morgan Hill United Methodist Church 138 photo
Munson Clinton 109 physician and co-owner of Madrone Mineral Springs
Murphy Bernard 37 son of Martin Murphy Sr.
Murphy Daniel 4 Martin Murphy's son
Murphy Diana Helen 35 wife of Hiram Morgan Hill
Murphy Martin 1 drawing Sr.
Murphy Martin 4
Murphy Martin 5 photo Murphy residence in San Martin
Murphy Martin 20
Murphy Martin 118 Sr.
Murphy Springs 6 photo Murphy Springs Historical Marker
Oetinger Matt 102 5th generation descendent of Annis & Charles Sanders
Ohlone Indians 2 drawing
Olden William 111
Orchards in bloom 16,17,18 postcards
Pajaro Railroad 30
Pellier Louis 13 French horticulturalist, grew plums
Pellier Pierre 13 French horticulturalist, grew plums
Peppin John 28
Perch Irv 137
Perch Jan 137
Phillips C.H. 41
Phillips Chauncy 51
Pinard Eugene 23 photo
Pinard Jean Skeels forward Morgan Hill Historical Society
Poppy jasper 10 photos semi precious stone found in the area
Prune drying 14,15 postcards
Prune orchards 12,13 postcards
Rancho Ojo del Agua de la Coche 3 map 1840 map drawing
Rancho Ojo del Agua de la Coche 4 map 1887 map drawing
Redwood Retreat 102 photos
Reop George 111
Royal Motel 129 photo
Ryan Bobbie Skeels forward Morgan Hill Library
San Martin Winery 135 photo
Sanders Annis 102
Sanders Annis "Gypsy" 102 daughter of Annis & Charles
Sanders Charles 102
Sanders Ian forward
Sanders Ian L afterwards photo
Santa Clara Railroad 30
Skeels Harry 92
Skeels Henry 92
Skeels Hotel 92 photos
Smith Bill 23 photo
Southern Pacific Railroad 30,31
St Catherine Church 72 photos
Stephen-Murphy-Townsend Overland Party 4
Sterrett Annie Britton 47 photo of property
Stevens Orvis 28
Stevenson Ethel 105 Wife of Lloyd Stevenson
Stevenson Fannie 105 wife of Robert Louis Stevenson
Stevenson Lloyd 105 son of Robert Louis Stevenson
Stevenson Robert Louis 97
Swindell James 101 developed Island Dell Park
Swope E. 47 advertisement Blacksmith
Tate Jennifer forward Pres. Morgan Hill Historical Society
Tennant William 32 photo
Tennant Station 20
The Guns 93 photo Gun store
Tremoureux Francois Marie 85 photo
Twelve Mile House (Coyote Station) 26, 28,31 photo
Twenty-One Mile House (Tennant Station) 26,32 photo
Vanumanutangi 106 photo home of Robert Louis Stevenson
Vasquez Tiburico 33 photo outlaw who was hanged
Villa Mira Monte 36 drawing home of Hiram Morgan Hill
Votaw Albert Shaw 62 photo of bank bank president
Ware Leo 105
Wettig Anna 116
Wilson Earl 100 student of Isola Kennedy, killed by mountain lion
Wooster Carrie 73 only teacher of grammer school
Wyman Beth forward MLK Library, San Jose