Mission City Cemetery Index

This is an index to the burials at Mission City Memorial Park, 420 N. Winchester Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95050.  This index was compiled by Larry DeJanvier.  A hard copy of this index can be accessed at the Santa Clara Central Park Library.  See Mission City Memorial Park interment records, 1874-1997 : City of Santa Clara call # GR 929.5 D32.  This is not a transcript of tombstones. Map of the cemetery.

Be aware that a different index can be downloaded from the Cemetery page on the City of Santa Clara website. The city index has deaths into the current year, while the SCCHGS index has deaths into 1997. Also numerous details are different. Please explore both.

Taken from the Website for Mission City Memorial Park:

The 30-acre all-faith cemetery is one of only a few municipally owned and operated cemeteries in California. It is located on North Winchester Boulevard, between Scott and Pruneridge, and should not be confused with the Santa Clara Mission Cemetery. The first records at the cemetery are dated 1864 and list the names of pioneers who contributed to the growth and history of the valley, such as the Warburton family of Santa Clara and the Campbell family whose ranch became the namesake for the City of Campbell.

Mission City Memorial Park is also the final resting place of Franklin Hichborn, who was known as "Dean of California Journalists," and other members of the Hichborn family who were direct descendants of Paul Revere.

A stroll among the older areas of the cemetery finds headstones of other well known locals including: Maude and Mabel Applegarth, who are mentioned in many of Jack London's books; James Billings, a justice of the peace and an early postmaster in Santa Clara; John Dibble, an early member of the Board of Trustees of Santa Clara; and Clarence Upton, who was a member of the State Legislature at the time of his death in 1878.

The cemetery also honors veterans from every conflict including the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War. The annual "Avenue of Flags" on Memorial Day and other appropriate holidays pays tribute to these veterans.

The park-like setting and tree-lined streets of Mission City Memorial Park attract many visitors who enjoy its peaceful serenity. A quaint chapel is available to those who have purchased burial or cremation services.

Cemetery Burial Index

Aanerud - Ancheta Anda - Azzam Babock - Basuno Batcheller - Berwick Besana - Bosworth
Botelho - Brotherton Brower - Byrnes Cabacungan - Cartwright Carvalho - Clary Classen - Coptsias
Corallo - Czapkay Da San Martin - Diaz Dibble - Dyrks Eagan - Eyre Fabbri - Flemming
Flesher - Fuss Garcia- Giampietro Giang - Graff Graham - Gwyn Haarstick - Harris
Harrison - Hernandez Herndon - Holmberg Holmes - Hysaj Iacovazz - Izzard Jabes - Justus
Kaacaski - Kimmell Kimmich - Kyle La Fluer - Leman Leanord - Loeb Loera - Lytle
Maasberg - Martin Martindale - Mc Cown Mc Coy - Meek Mehlhorn - Miller Milligan - Morgans
Morgate - Myslinski Naake - Nystrom Oakland - Ozga Pabst - Pearce Pearson - Pickthorn
Pierce - Pyrro Quaid - Qura Rabanus-Rancor Rand - Reynaga Reynolds - Roe
Roeder - Rymer Saadeh - Schipper Schlaudt - Sharlow Sharp - Slaugen houp Slavens - Sopher
Soracco - Stevenson Steward - Szotiropulosz Tabash - Tidwell Tiedeman - Tyson Uchiyana - Uttley
Vago - Vue Waage - Weisgerber Weisner - Williams Williamson - Wythe Xydes
Yager - Yunker Zabala - Zwinge      

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