Volunteer Consultants

Can our free consultants help you?

Researching your family tree can be exciting and fun; but sometimes it can be confusing and frustrating. Let our free consultants help you move forward. We have a highly skilled set of amateur genealogists who have assisted many people in the Heritage Pavilion. Our service works best if you come with a specific question such as:
  • Where can I look to find records for the (marriage, birth, death) of this person?
  • What should I do to determine if these two records belong to the same person?
  • I’ve tried all the usual places for records; what can I try now?
  • What resources in the Heritage Pavilion can help with my research problem?
  • How can I find an obituary for this person?
Check the calendar below for consultant availability - "Gen Consulting" items. Please remember all consultants are volunteers and schedules are subject to change.

Click on any item for more information. If the calendar below does not display properly, you may also see it at SCCHGS Calendar.

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Consultants Available